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The battle of wounded knee & marguerite/L.W. Colby - Essay Example

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The 19th Amendment that was finally ratified into law in 1920 is a journey of over 70years of women’s suffrage for deliberation in social inequality, gender discrimination, marital rights and rights to vote. The passage of 19th Amendment was largely as a result endless efforts…
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The battle of wounded knee & marguerite/L.W. Colby
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Extract of sample "The battle of wounded knee & marguerite/L.W. Colby"

Download file to see previous pages 1848 during the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention in New York that focused on several women issues including voting rights; in essence was a campaign that bore fruit around the nineteenth century with the passage of the 19th Amendment. Prominent historical personalities who spear headed this movement include Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott. 1
The relentless call for women inclusion into wider legal and social arena was largely because of the abolitionist movement that occurred prior to the Civil War. This was in itself due to the women’s realization that their slave rescue efforts were being hindered by lack of their own freedom. Several literatures have suggested that there existed a close relationship between these two occurrences. Within these developments, two organizations were subsequently initiated so that they look into issues of expanded women’s rights. Of historical significance was the “National Organization for Women” which was formed around1966 with statement of purpose to “Fight for equal rights with men” 2
Before the passage of the 19th amendment women were considered as inferior and having a second position after men in the American society. Among various issues that affected women during this time were largely social, political, marriages, gender discrimination among other societal imbalances.
Women’s roles in the society were largely viewed in the aspect of domestic chores and duties and could easily be identified with house chores like washing, making clothes, and milking cows, caring for children and even for chicken. Within this context, Lucy Stone, the founder of America Woman Suffrage Association, often quoted words from her mother during the time she was born that, “Oh dear! I am sorry it is a girl. A woman’s life is so hard!”3 this reflects upon how life was for women around that time.
Women hardly got any employment and those employed worked as casual laborers in poor working environs in cotton and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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