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Important Details of Life and Work of Marguerite Duras - Term Paper Example

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The paper focuses on Marguerite who is considered as an important writer and a film director because her novels brought out her literature manner that had a beautiful prose style. Her sentences are short, with reduced dialogue and the scenes in her films are brief and surreal…
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Important Details of Life and Work of Marguerite Duras
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Extract of sample "Important Details of Life and Work of Marguerite Duras"

Download file to see previous pages Marguerite Duras grew up in very poor family background. She was a French girl, and lost her father at a young age, leaving her mother to take care of the three children. The extreme poverty situation that the family went through is later reflected in Marguerite's life and work. She meets a Chinese merchant and they engage in an affair, due to the hardships in her life. In her novel, Marguerite has reported that she was beaten up by her mother and older brother during the time that she started the affair with the Chinese merchant. After moving to French, Marguerite studied political sciences and later law. 

Marguerite became an active member of the French communist party, after completing her studies. She worked for the French government in the late 1930s, where she represented the colony on Indochina. Marguerite also worked for the Vichy government, in an office that supplied papers to publishers. At the same time, she was a French resistant. Her desire for authorship encouraged her to write many novels, interviews, films, short fictions and essays including her bestselling novel, The Lover. Her command of the dialogue was one of the attributes admired about her.

She is considered an important political activist because of her writings about politics during World War II. She made people aware of what was going on, by writing about the Germans and Nazism where she wrote that the war was sympathetic towards the French collaborators. Being a member of the Communist Party after the war, Marguerite was able to notice the identity between the French Communist and French collaborators. She writes that both were accomplices to a murderous foreign power. She writes “And I, two years after the war, I was a member of the Communist Party. The parallel is complete and absolute. The two things are the same, the same pity, the same call for help, the same lack of judgment, the same superstition, if you like, that consists in believing in a political solution to the personal problem.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Important Details of Life and Work of Marguerite Duras Term Paper.
(Important Details of Life and Work of Marguerite Duras Term Paper)
Important Details of Life and Work of Marguerite Duras Term Paper.
“Important Details of Life and Work of Marguerite Duras Term Paper”.
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