How would you define the the relationshipbetween the renaissance and the scientific revolution - Research Paper Example

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There was great turmoil and disorder. At the same time, there also came a long period that was bombarded with outbreaks of diseases and plagues. Those who lived aspired to celebrate life and the human…
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How would you define the the relationshipbetween the renaissance and the scientific revolution
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Download file to see previous pages This period that started in the 14th century is known as the Renaissance, and this great era has indeed left a great impact to the world. As it paved the way to even more transformations and changes, it became the gateway for the birth of the modern age because the changed spirit of invention, curiosity and exploration that developed among the Western Europeans during the Renaissance is the same spirit that is at this time, pushing civilizations and the world forward at present more than ever. A great number of new ideas, techniques and beliefs in art and literature are the models of ours in this day and age.
The contributions of the people made during this explosion in writing, art and thought led to the innovation in artistic and literary techniques. This period also led to new beliefs, ideas and values. Art, painting and sculpture was given more importance during this period. Merchants and church officials became patrons of the art by financially supporting the Renaissance artists through donation and the display of art all over public squares. In this period, the change in artistic style was evident. The artists during the medieval period often drew and illustrated religious subjects and with spiritual themes to express a spiritual ideal. During the Renaissance, the paintings were religious. However, they used a realistic style copied from the classical models of Greek culture.
Besides art, literature also changed in many ways. The works of these writers reflected their time, but they used techniques and methods that writers today rely on. Writers wrote in vernacular, or their local dialect or language. Writers also wrote literary works for many reasons. Some include expressing one’s ideas or interpretation on a subject. Other works were to depict the individualism and character or personality of their subjects. In these ways, they set in motion development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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