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This paper 'Narrative Comparison in Ecological Revolutions" focuses on the fact that according to both Burke and Merchant, the scientific revolution is the time that witnessed the philosophical change in scientific aspects that transformed western culture. …
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Narrative Comparison in Scientific and Ecological Revolutions
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In both Burkes and Merchants narratives, emergency of the scientific revolution as a means of upward progression by humans that could witness them gain power in order to control, rule, and manage the earth while searching the lost Garden of Eden.
In both narratives, the scientific revolution brings scientific inventions, technological advancements, as well as capitalism. These scientific tools would enable humans to reinvent the lost garden, subdue or rather dominate nature, and deliver people from the wilderness or desert to the safe place perceived as the garden (112). In this case, both narratives are similar in the manner they contemplate recovery of the lost garden in the modern world, the way humans use their power in a series of historical events regarding scientific revolution in view of improving their environment with the help of science and technology.
In conclusion, both scientific revolution narratives of Burke and Merchant have contrasting aspects regarding science and its evolution. Burke argues a computer scientist can control computerized technology as well as computerized communication. Furthermore, the availability of computers can revolutionize the world through the internet where people can exchange ideas regardless of their locations. Merchant on the other side writes people are idealizing nature with a point of making a profit out of it. The appeal of finding the lost garden is no more (169). Therefore, people are capitalizing on their interests such as intrepid economic-based adventures that are popular with tourists and expanded civilization of people and nature exploitation is rapidly diminishing the wilderness making environmental issues become the centre of attention. 
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