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Scientific versus Industrial Revolutions - Essay Example

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The different revolutions described in the PowerPoint presentation are the geocentric, heliocentric, materialism, atomism and scholasticism (Scientific/ Industrial revolutions). Geocentric revolution is earth-centered while heliocentric is based on the understanding of the…
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Scientific versus Industrial Revolutions
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Extract of sample "Scientific versus Industrial Revolutions"

Scientific and Industrial Revolutions The different revolutions described in the PowerPoint presentation are the geocentric, heliocentric, materialism, atomism and scholasticism (Scientific/ Industrial revolutions). Geocentric revolution is earth-centered while heliocentric is based on the understanding of the earth’s position and movement in the universe. Materialism is based on the view that the mechanistic world is composed of matter and motion. On the other hand, atomism espouses the idea that mechanical laws ruled the world. Scholasticism promotes the idea that the qualities were in the item itself, that is, texture, color and direction.
One revolution preceded the other because every revolution is based on man’s need and understanding at that time. If there was a need to increase production to meet the demands of society, then new ways of doing things will be invented and eventually this may lead to a scientific or industrial revolution. These revolutions only occur in certain parts of the world because not all nations have the resources to carry out a certain revolution. Some countries may not have the technically-skilled people to carry out the change. Furthermore, aside from the lack of resources, some countries may not be prepared or ready to accept a new idea or concept. Other regions may find it difficult to leave their beliefs and ways of doing things.
One does not think that this would be true today because with globalization, it would be very easy for change to occur simultaneously in different parts of the world. Moreover, countries have no choice but to accept the new changes, else they will be left out. They will not be globally competitive; thus, may result in a slow growth in their economy.
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(Scientific Versus Industrial Revolutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Scientific Versus Industrial Revolutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Scientific Versus Industrial Revolutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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