What is the cultural legacy left by the Phoenician civilization and the Hebrew kingdom - Essay Example

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The former occupied parts of Canaan, while the latter settled parts of this location as well. Interestingly, both of these civilizations have provided us with several important contributions. For example, there is…
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What is the cultural legacy left by the Phoenician civilization and the Hebrew kingdom
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The Phoenicians and the Hebrews: Why they mattered? The Phoenicians and the Hebrews both came from the same region. The former occupied parts of Canaan, while the latter settled parts of this location as well. Interestingly, both of these civilizations have provided us with several important contributions. For example, there is the case of the seafaring skills of the Phoenicians, which influenced the development of sea-based travel. In addition, the Phoenicians will be forever be remembered the inventor of the alphabet and its introduction to the world.
On the other hand, the Hebrews were credited to have introduced monotheism to the world. Although the monotheism concept is not entirely a Hebrew discovery, they were responsible for its spread throughout Europe and much of the world. Today, people still turn to the Judeo-Christian teachings in order to legitimize their beliefs and values. This and the Jewish visions of a so-called messianic age, including the vision of a golden age of peace and social justice, became the cornerstone of the Western idea of progress, of Western civilization and of respect for the rules and the law (Perry, 33). The humanism and rationality prevailing in today’s world is also deeply influenced by the Hebrew civilization. The contemporary world emphasizes the place and role of individuals and the Hebrew was responsible for this phenomenon as it promoted the teaching that man is created in God’s own image.
After thousands of years, the impact of the Phoenician and Hebrew civilizations can still be felt and seen around us. This highlighted the sophistication of their culture.
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Perry, Marvin. Western Civilization: A Brief History : to 1789. New York: Cengage Learning, 2010. Read More
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