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In the paper “Cultural Makeup of Early Civilizations,” the author analyzes a number of forces that played a part in the cultural composition of early societies. Several forces had much more influence on cultures than others which influenced cultures to a minimal extent…
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Cultural Makeup of Early Civilizations
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  Cultural Makeup of Early Civilizations
Question 1
There are a number of forces that played a part to the cultural composition of early societies. Several forces had much more influence to cultures than others which influenced cultures to a minimal extent. There are a number of forces that played a part in structuring early civilization. They include economics, the artifacts held by the communities, forms of occupation, religion, and literacy. In addition, the early civilizations focused on developing new tools to enhance their existence and survival. Worship and forms of religion helped in shaping a number of early civilizations. Religion and worship provided a means by which early civilizations could give explanations of mysterious issues in their existence (Chisholm & Millard, 1991). These forces played a part because a unit’s culture is highlighted as a demonstration that is present in religion, art, and customs.
Question 2
Several social issues occurred as a result of the cultural makeup. They include invasions, conquests, and wars. A civilization’s religious and spiritual convictions, forms of occupation, artifacts, literacy, and political activities, may cause those social issues. In addition, social concerns also entailed the economic difficulties that were a threat to the early civilizations. Moreover, there was a development of ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism arose because of the emergence of social class. Ethnocentrism may include small units of people between civilizations and societies, and within a community. For instance, a number of groups in the history of Iraq, going back to the period of Mesopotamia, have created autonomous social groups (Fernández-Armesto, 2000). Moreover, invasions resulted in production of more food and development of armies. Weapons were also developed due to the development of tools.
Question 3
Cultural influences may be closely associated to the forces that played a part to the cultural structure of early civilizations. In the initial stages, the foremost cultural influences entailed the need for shelter for their household, food, warmth, and clothing. Later, security, food, region, and housing became cultural influences. Nonetheless, the foremost cultural inspirations on early civilizations include ritual behavior, religious and spiritual beliefs, and art. These cultural influences are popular to the civilization or group and are moved on from one generation to another (Chisholm & Millard, 1991). Cultural components, for example, a number of household items, temples, art, and ritual behavior, religious and spiritual beliefs are extremely significant to a society. These cultural influences are perceived as the foundation of civilizations.
Question 4
Revisionist history refers to the point of view that enhances the procedure of going back in time so as to try to modify or alter the opinion of history that is presumed to be true to some extent. In my view, revisionist history contains both pros and cons. The advantages of revisionist history include; one, it can allow for checking of facts to rectify the background of prior activities. Two, it can provide an alternative notion of a past event. The negatives of revisionist history include; one, it is frequently utilized to misrepresent past activities for political or personal benefits. Two, an alternative view derived from revisionist history may cause inaccuracies and miscalculations (Sayre, 2013).
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