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The Abduction of Europa - Essay Example

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Abduction Of Europa Name: Institution: Course: Date: The Abduction of Europa The Roman mosaic of the abduction of Europa is at the National Museum of Beiruit.It is thought that the mosaic was discovered at a Roman Villa in 1939. The abduction of Europa mosaic is tremendously popular and has widely spread in Italy and Africa. The mosaic was transferred, from its original location and the restored has lost tesserae. This has affected the overall sparkle and outcome of the beautiful piece of art…
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The Abduction of Europa
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Extract of sample "The Abduction of Europa"

Download file to see previous pages The creation of the methodological story on the shores of Tyre is evidence that the Phoenician civilization was noted in the 9th Century B.C. The myth states that Zeus came to tempt Europa, the Phoenician princess and was in the form of a white bull. Zeus spied on her as she gathered flowers from a meadow by the sea. Europa was approached by the finest looking bull that she caressed and kissed. She climbed the bull’s back and carried off to Crete where he revealed his identity (Nock, 2007, p 256). “He moved among the cows, more beautiful than they or other bulls, he strolled spring grasses, white southern rains or footprint on at his neck and silvered dewlaps hanging, horns as white as if a sculptor’s hand had cut them out of pearl. No one feared his gaze; forehead and eyes were gracefully begun, Agneor’s daughter gazed at him in wonder” (Ovid). ...
structure of stones gathering circles close to each other. When observed one can observe that each circle was created of four petal. Shaped gray forms and within the circles are figures, engulfing smaller circular beige stones. Every four neighboring petals of two semi circles surround on a square slab of dark brown color. The complicated pattern is there to shed light on the truly on the amazing scene in the frame: the swiftness of the bull while carrying Europa, on his back was portrayed through the emblem within the mosaic. A high amount of energy was exposed as they seem to be flying or about to run off. Zeus has crescent shaped horns, front hoofs and tail in the air. Europa’s shawl is flowing in the wind thus forming the shape of a crescent because she is the moon goddess. There is marked features such as Zeus’ red eyes that stand out and seem to look straight, whereas Europa appears to be staring into space apathetic and relaxed. Europa, the Phoenician princess who is barefoot, wears a one shoulder flowing white robe, which covers her left shoulder. A golden tiara lies on her dark brown hair which flows loosely down her shoulder in two braids. Europa’s left hand holds a piece of garment that wraps around her thighs, and back then it flows backward into the air. The bull's neck is surrounding by a kind of white rope, and holds it by the mouth, which Europa is holding it in her right hand. The latter is the object that is perhaps keeping Europa from falling off the back of the bull. We see her face expressing sorrow and concern, at the same time accompanied by power and courage her sitting position depicts her being relaxed, but her expressions reveal her alertness. Zeus seems to be thrilled although ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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