Would increasing U.S. economic aid in the [Middle East] region diminish support for terrorism and anti-American sentiment - Research Paper Example

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This lead to the establishment of Proliferation Security initiative (PSI) in 2003 that was aimed at preventing proliferation to or from all nations either supporting or against the initiative. This explains…
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Would increasing U.S. economic aid in the [Middle East] region diminish support for terrorism and anti-American sentiment
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Extract of sample "Would increasing U.S. economic aid in the [Middle East] region diminish support for terrorism and anti-American sentiment"

Download file to see previous pages This is where a country that has received foreign aid or is anticipating having their regular installments is bound to be receptive to new ideas. In most cases, this foreign aid functions as a legal bribe. Therefore, if, it is increased it means that people will be more accepting of these new ideas of getting rid of terrorism. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union the US placed itself strategically to implement its views to other countries as a measure, to stop the spread of communism. A telling case is when US sacrificed to give Aid to Russia so that it could not pull out of Chenyanya because of its significance in battle against terrorism. This saw the US give eight hundred million dollars to Russia in 1997 and the former nations that were for communism. This is a superb example of how foreign aid can be beneficial in trying to have certain nations sing to the dance of America.
The increases of aid will not only help Middle East region accept the new ideas; it will also develop and equip them economicallyii. This will most likely function in diverting their efforts to positive activities that increase their living standards. This is because these terrorist activities come because of boredom due to no employment that can generate money. It is through such circumstances that people from the Middle Eastern seek a leeway out of this by in involving themselves in any activity. This also increases the risk of these people to fall victim of drugs that they believe to reduce their burden. Therefore, the existence of this foreign aid by Americans is sure to help them and minimize on numbers that are being recruited into terrorist groups.
Another point is that American is a developed nation with one of the biggest economies and one of the largest populations. iiiThis means that it has many industries to run, people to provide for their needs, and care of its security. More economic aid means that it will function to cater for all these three at the same ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Would Increasing U.S. Economic Aid in the [Middle East] Region Research Paper)
Would Increasing U.S. Economic Aid in the [Middle East] Region Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1591855-would-increasing-us-economic-aid-in-the-middle-east-region-diminish-support-for-terrorism-and-anti-american-sentiment.
“Would Increasing U.S. Economic Aid in the [Middle East] Region Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1591855-would-increasing-us-economic-aid-in-the-middle-east-region-diminish-support-for-terrorism-and-anti-american-sentiment.
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