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Questions on Globalization/Poverty/Mexico/Yemen - Essay Example

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1. Hastedt (p.45) described globalization as “ill-defined” and Love (p.5) observed that “Globalization creates a world of paradox.” In your own words, define globalization. In what ways does globalization exacerbate international crime/drug trade? Simply put, globalization is a model that integrates the global economic, political and cultural systems and is typified by an increase transnational trade, geographical mobility and communication…
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Questions on Globalization/Poverty/Mexico/Yemen
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"Questions on Globalization/Poverty/Mexico/Yemen"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, globalization also provides the means for international criminal and drug organization to flourish, co-opting the trade networks so that their operations becomes more complex, fluid and sophisticated. What globalization does is to diminish the state’s capacity to effectively govern. This is demonstrated in the manner by which multinational companies undermine its authority and cause instability and how criminal organization and terrorists can use globalization channels to support their operations. Today, it is increasingly becoming evident that states can no longer control or solve globalization-induced problems such as crime/drug issues on their own. (Love, 8) The US-Mexican border is an excellent example of the ills of globalization. This area threatens the American national security as it became a spot for terrorism, illegal immigration, transit point for drug trade, among other factors that result as a consequence of the Mexican experience as a failing democratic state. The globalizing forces enable the problems from Mexico to spill over its borders towards the US, with the latter almost incapable to address them. The globalization phenomenon entails dramatic growth in resources and capabilities. Legitimate actors have taken advantage of these variables to spur development and solve problems such as poverty and inequality. However, they are also accessible for those organizations and elements who work to exploit them for criminal, illegal, illegitimate and unjust activities. 2. How do belligerent groups exploit illicit economies such as drug trafficking for both economic resources and political capital? Use an example from at least one geographic region in your response. Illicit economies thrive in smaller states where the availability of alternative means of subsistence for people within an economy is very limited. The worst case is that the populations tend to become dependent on the illicit economy because of the existence of belligerents. This happens when the economy is mired in poverty and the majority of the citizens are poor with no means for adequate subsistence. As belligerents sponsor the illicit economy they are seen as benefactors. For example, in a poor location, illegal gambling generates reliable and continuous livelihood for the locals. As more and more people earn their living from the illicit activity, the belligerents who support it earn the credit, hence, reap huge amount of political capital. A specific example is the case of FARC in Colombia. This group turned to drug trade in order to finance its movement against the Colombian government. As the enterprise grew, more and more Colombians especially in areas controlled by the guerillas came to rely on the cocaine cultivation for their daily subsistence. Because large segment of the population offer gratitude, FARC came to achieve huge political capital. The dynamics of this phenomenon underscored the economic and political outcome of the exploitation. Through drug cultivation, FARC was able to acquire economic resources that sustained livelihood for many Colombians. In the process, the belligerent gained support and sympathy which is translated into political capital. The belligerents can further capitalize on illicit economy for economic and political games through the governmental response to the illicit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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