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An ethical analysis of the September 11 attacks - Essay Example

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School Date Ethical Analysis of the September 11 attacks The September 11 attacks shall go down in history as one of the most horrific and devastating terrorist attacks on US soil. This attack, carried out under the orders of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, with the leadership of Osama bin Laden coordinated four simultaneous attacks on four crucial landmarks and representations of American idealization: the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon, and the White House…
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An ethical analysis of the September 11 attacks
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An ethical analysis of the September 11 attacks

Download file to see previous pages... These attacks were however carried out by Muslim extremists whose ideals were not representative of the Muslim sentiment as a whole. Nevertheless, this attack created a significant rift between the US and the Muslim community. There are various explanations which have been suggested in order to make sense of this attack. These explanations always return to the core issues of terrorism and Muslim extremism. This analysis shall now consider two approaches (Marxism and Realism) to the incident, evaluating the ethics of the situation. The US policy in relation to the developing world soon after the 9/11 attacks shall be the main focus of this analysis, utilizing Marxist and Realist approaches to ethical assessment. The 9/11 terrorist attack and the subsequent War on Terror and the Iraqi War led to instances of western bigotry against the east (Bai). Based on the need to react to the atrocities perpetrated by the Muslim followers, the attacks might be understandable, however, such racism is often carried over to designate Marxism (MacGregor and Zarembka). Some analysts have mentioned, without any sufficient reason for religious fundamentalism in the East, they labeled such religions and practices as the source of crazy fundamentalism, labeling Marxism with the same negative connotation (MacGregor and Zarembka). The 9/11 report on the attacks also established similar connotations, and blamed all the problems on the underachievement and jealousy issues of eastern working class citizens. There are arguments which hold Marxism to task for being too western a philosophy (MacGregor and Zarembka). Edward Said (p. 153) claims that Marxism views Asia as a group entity, not as a plurality of individuals with varying and diverse identities. He does not acknowledge that Marx seems to apply the same ideals to England and India (Said, p. 154). Such criticism may also be based on Marx’s perception of the working class and the bourgeoisie of England where they are grouped together based on class. While Said might justifiably accuse Marx with an overall view of class struggle, Marx would likely agree to these same precepts (Said, p. 153). The Marxist theory often supports leftist ideals and has always acknowledged that states operate to protect the interest of the economic working class (Owusu, p. 3). Marxist commentators agree to the outcomes of the 9/11 attacks, most of them are not willing to agree that 9/11 in a manner which was not validated by the US officials; in effect, they discount the possibility of conspiracy of capitalists (Owusu, p. 3). Although the attack established a means for the US to undertake military action, no thought was given to the fact that the attack may have been based on state actions (Owusu, p. 3). However, in general, the Marxist connotations do not support a planned and convoluted action by the US. Marxism is based on economic and sociopolitical ideals which highlight the materialist evaluation of history, and a critique on the development of capitalism (Callinicos, p. 5). In reviewing the 9/11 attacks, terrorism was built on economic hardships, mostly exacerbated by the dominance of capitalism and Western capitalism in the developing countries (Carmody, p. 85). These terrorists believe that their economic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Summary of September 11, 2001 Attacks
This has angered many Islamic groups and nations but the strategic energy interests of the USA have led to it ignoring these sentiments. The attacks by the al Qaeda are believed to be hooked to the belief by the group that predominantly Christian countries like the USA deny them deserving power, prestige and leading role in world economy and politics.
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Frontline Analysis of Terrorist Attacks of September 11
Within the PBS television program known as Frontline,several controversial aspects of America’s War on Terror are analyzed and discussed:the breakdown in communication which ended up allowing the September 11th attacks to occur,the techniques used to interrogate terrorist suspects,and the immense amount of money that is spent on counter-terror efforts.
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A timeline of the September 11 attacks
The FAA stops all flight operations in the capital and around the nation for the very first time in the history of America (House of Commons Librarary, 2001, pp 1-72). The president: George Bush addresses the nation and vows to find the people responsible for the attack in order for justice to be served.
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September 11, 2001 Attacks
511). For many of us, with the help of information technology, the events were witnessed in real time. With initial bewilderment we witnessed the first commercial airplane crash into the first tower of the World Trade Center. When the second commercial airplane crashed into the second tower of the World Trade Center, bewilderment turned to fear.
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The Suicide Attacks on September 11, 2001
Everyone woke up on that day with great expectations, hoping that this would be just another day in their busy lives, probably better. Some citizens went to their offices as early as they could, some to their businesses, others to school while others drove to the airports to catch their flights without knowing that their fate and destiny had already been decided by a group of self-centered notorious criminals, that is the al-Qaeda terrorist network.
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The september 11 attacks on the twin tower, the death of Osama Bin Laden, and their significance to local community
This entire episode had a very earth shattering impact on the people because of the thousands of people that were killed in the process. The aftermath of the horrendous event had a very long lasting derogatory impact on the minds of the Americans as they tore down mosques and temples and did not trust anyone practising Islam.
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The Events of September 11 Attacks

The author of the report claims that the question of what caused the 9/11 attacks remains elusive but has been largely attributed to the failed foreign policy as was applied in the Middle East. The US had attracted hostility due to its support for Israel, a Jewish state, to be established and sustained.

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The September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
One, at around "8:46 hours Eastern Time", the suicide hijackers crashed the "American Airlines Flight 11" into the world Business Center's North Tower; the tower collapsed and crumbled into pieces (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, chapter 5). Minutes later, a similar attack - involving the "United Airlines Flight 175" - occurred where the plane was crushed into the "Southern tower" of the centre; the tower also collapsed (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, chapter 5).
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September 11, 2001
rashed into a Pennsylvania field after the passengers on this plane heroically stood up to the terrorists and did not allow them to accomplish this particular mission. The attack was this generations Pearl Harbor, and caused ripple effects that included Americas involvement in
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September 11, 2001
The homeland security agency was formed to evaluate threats to national security in the country. Security and other intelligence agencies such as the central intelligence agency were
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