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The countries involved in the Vietnam War included the Soviet Union, France, and the United States. Civil war between Viet Minh and the French was a principal cause of the…
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U.S.Involvement in the Vietnam War and the Effects Today
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U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War and the Effects Today The Vietnam War was triggered by various factors, which led to warfare in Vietnam from 1959 to April 1975. The countries involved in the Vietnam War included the Soviet Union, France, and the United States. Civil war between Viet Minh and the French was a principal cause of the war. The war was the longest war, which involved U.S and yet it did not win it. The North Vietnam wanted to convert South Vietnam into a communist territory. The North Vietnam was supported by communist allies while the South Vietnam had the support of U.S. and other anti-communist countries. U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War got initial support from the Vietnam government, but later, the government opposed the involvement of United States in the war. Demonstrations opposing the United States involvement in the Vietnam War began in 1964 up to 1970.
What was the main reason for the U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War?
When John F Kennedy appeared in office, for his first year, he drafted a plan, which clearly depicted the chief objective of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. The main objective of the involvement was to prevent domination of communists in South Vietnam; in order to create a viable, democratic society (Hall 8). The United States aimed at achieving this objective through military, economic, and political support. The United States also wanted to spread their capitalist ideologies.
There were different reasons for opposing the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. One of the reasons was opposition to the draft. The draft threatened low and middle class registrants (Hall 12). Those opposing the draft argued that the draft did not represent them fairly. Apart from the opposition of the draft, protestors made moral influence against U.S. involvement in Vietnam War. The moral argument was mostly opinions of American college students. The students opposed the U.S. involvement and termed it as immoral due to the number of civilian deaths, encountered in the war. Another opposing element against U.S. involvement was that the threat of communism by the United States was not legally justifiable. The U.S. withdrew its military in August 1973.
Information Learnt
In the Vietnam War, I learnt that, involvement of the United States in the war was opposed by the Vietnam government and some Americans. The chief reason for opposing the U.S. involvement in the war was due to the effects that the war left (Kissinger 32). There was immense loss of life; involving American troops, Vietnam soldiers and Vietnam civilians. This led to a high number of casualties. It is estimated that 58,148 were killed in Vietnam; 75,000 disabled severely disabled; 23,214 were totally disabled; 5,283 lost limbs; and 1,081 sustained various amputations.
The war affected Vietnam civilians in a negative way. Some veterans were left homeless while others were psychologically tortured. The memorial center created after the war still shows how the war left Vietnam, which means that those families, which died during the war, are still remembered today. Those who were left homeless still regret the outcome of the war. The use of herbicides by the U.S. army caused a variety of health problems, which persist today. In addition, the bombings by the U.S army left psychological and physical torture to many individuals, who feel the effects today (Gibbons 43).
The involvement of United States in the Vietnam War was opposed by many individuals among them; Vietnam civilians and some Americans. The involvement of United States in the war caused losses, which are felt today. The losses include monetary costs, loss of lives of both troops and civilians. Apart from these effects, the use of bombs and herbicides by the American soldiers made the Vietnam civilians have physical and psychological tortures, which have implications today.

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