Do you agree with Perkins' statement that the corporatocracy is in fact an empire If so, why if not why not - Essay Example

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Is this statement true or false? In order to address this question well, it is important that one becomes acquainted with the key terms. Corporatocracy is a term that is synonymous to corpocracy and was coined by supporters of an…
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Do you agree with Perkins statement that the corporatocracy is in fact an empire If so, why if not why not
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Extract of sample "Do you agree with Perkins' statement that the corporatocracy is in fact an empire If so, why if not why not"

Is corporatocracy an empire? Perkin s that corporatocracy is an empire. Is this ment true or false? In order to address this question well,it is important that one becomes acquainted with the key terms. Corporatocracy is a term that is synonymous to corpocracy and was coined by supporters of an anti-globalization lobby group. It describes governments that bow to the pressure of corporate entities (WorldiQ). This means that corporations control the running of these governments, thereby ruling indirectly. Let us look at the term “empire”. According to Hornby, it means “a group of states or countries controlled by one ruler or government” (379). An empire can also be defined as supreme power or a jurisdiction of an entity or an organization. An example of an empire is the Roman Empire that rules from the Vatican City through the holy Catholic Church. Having defined the major terms, it is appropriate to find out whether corpocracy is an empire or not. Corporatocracy is, indeed, an empire. This is because an empire involves power and the rule of a collection of states. Corporations have today become so powerful due to their economic resources, and they influence the governance of many states all over the world. They do this through: exploiting economic control, influencing politics, determining the laws of the land, and manipulating policies of various governments. According to WorldiQ, corporations do this, for example, by owning and controlling main media outlets, and allowing access only to information that serves their interests, and influencing the enactment of laws that serve their wellbeing. For instance, in the United States, digital millennium copyright act was enacted due to pressure from corporations (WorldiQ). This was done to allow them to meet their self-centered goals and objectives. Power revolves around political, economic and social pillars, and control of these makes an empire. Corporations control these pillars, hence in charge of a conglomeration of states; corporatocracy is an empire.
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