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Perkins says that foreign governments that decline to be intimidated by the corporatocracy are routinely labeled communist by the U.S. government. What purpose would using the word communist serve in this context - Essay Example

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In his book "The Secret History of the American Empire", Perkins portrays the seven features of territories, and suggests that the corporatocracy, which he describes as the entities who dominate governments, media and businesses, are actually a domain fixed on manipulating the…
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Perkins says that foreign governments that decline to be intimidated by the corporatocracy are routinely labeled communist by the U.S. government. What purpose would using the word communist serve in this context
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"Perkins says that foreign governments that decline to be intimidated by the corporatocracy are routinely labeled communist by the U.S. government. What purpose would using the word communist serve in this context"

Download file to see previous pages The corporatocracy does in shielding its egoistic interests, frequently at the deprivation of the inhabitants of those territories, and the environment in general (Perkins 245). Perkins articulates that, foreign administrations that refuse to be daunted by the corporatocracy, are normally branded "communist" by the U.S. administration. This paper will outline the purpose the word "communist" serve as used by John Perkins.
John Perkins uses the word “Communist” in the context to draw, highlight or bring out the irony of the U.S. government, in labeling foreign governments as communists (Perkins 145). The irony is depicted, when the government of U.S. brand foreign governments that refuse to be controlled by corporatocracy as communist, while the real communist is the corporatocracy itself.
In spite of the sincerely shocking nature of many of the happenings Perkins portrays. He remains positive, about the prospect that meticulous entities can aid to stop the corporatocracys control of other nations, and its indifference of the worlds ecological future (Perkins 96). He looks at how non-profit establishments and non-government administrations universally are responding to the activities of the corporatocracy. He offers a listing of detailed activities that entities can take to impede the corporatocracy ,and attain a maintainable and nonviolent planet for all its inhabitants (Perkins ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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