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There is this innate and genuine commitment to address the ills that corporatocracy gives to a developed society. But my dream does not end there, I also have a vision of living in a world where corporatocracy does not…
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Personal ment It is my dream to work in the field of Foreign Service. There is this innate and genuine commitment to address the ills that corporatocracy gives to a developed society. But my dream does not end there, I also have a vision of living in a world where corporatocracy does not exist. One strongly believes that corporatocracy, explicitly defined as “a society or system that is governed or controlled by corporations” (Corporatocracy, n.d.) governs America; more than democracy (, n.d.). It is sad to note that giant corporations partner with corporate collaborator government officials to govern America (, n.d.). The wealthy elite have the capacity to bribe government officials because of their financial clout; thus, they are able to rule the society. This to me is a system that does not benefit the currently struggling American family.
As a Pakistani national who belongs to one of the influential political families in the country, being politically victimized in the late 1990s by the government provided the impetus for one’s decision to delve into the Foreign Service career. One decided to live in New York for the past two years to pursue higher education. I have witnessed western politics during this span of time and had the opportunity to compare Western politics and the ruling corporatocracy. The greed and tyranny of corporatocracy pushes the economy further down because it only benefits corporate executives and politicians. Their very existence is driven by selfish interests and therefore failed to consider social responsibility and utilitarianism. If corporations are not able to achieve the profit that they want because of legal impediments, their preferred option is to give unlimited campaign donations to politicians who can push for legislations that will benefit their companies. Hopefully, a career in Foreign Service will be my stepping stone towards the achievement of both personal and professional goals of trying to educate and convince people in corporations and governments, as well as the general public, that corporatocracy is not the answer to the economic and financial woes of the country.
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