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The essay "The Mongol Empire" is about the empire which changes the map of the world in the thirteenth century. In addition to, the kingdom that begins in the steppes region of Mongolia in the 13th century soon changed the way people looked at the world. …
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The Mongol Empire
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Download file to see previous pages The history of the Empire started from 1218, when an interesting event shaped the empire and more particularly the life of Genghis Khan, from a nomadic person to the conqueror of the world. A trade convoy starting their travel from the Mongol lands, heading towards the Persian area that now lay in modern Uzbekistan, was stopped unexpectedly by the Persian State Ruler. The ruler suspected that the caravan was one of the Mongolian spies, so he mutilated the men, raped women and seized all the goods that the group was carrying with them. The doubt was not something out of the world; in fact, the Mongols were very intelligent people at gathering information from around the world that benefited them. At the Mongolian side, this was a strict violation of the peace treaty that assured that the trade caravans will be safe from any damage. And for Genghis Khan, this was an unforgivable violation. Genghis sent a letter to the Persian Empire that the Governor who conducted the offense must be immediately called to withdraw from his position. The Persians were not in a mood to change one of their loyal rulers. They turned the message that the Mongols had sent and put the Mongol emissaries to death. This was the background of the annexation of Persian Empire by the Mongols. Although the Mongols are famous for their frightful bloodshed fights, this initiation was not one of them. Here Genghis Khan used his mind to capture the commonwealth. The intellects of Persia were their driving force and Khan gave great respect to all of them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Mongol Empire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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