The Power of the Mamluks and Il-Khanates - Essay Example

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The Mamluks and the Il-Khanates both achieved their power through means of their religion, Islam; however, each clan had a very different base that allowed it to achieve its power. For the Mamluks, they were able to form a power base focusing on the fact that they were a military culture, and they used their well-trained soldiers to put themselves in stark contrast with the Mongols…
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The Power of the Mamluks and Il-Khanates
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Download file to see previous pages The Il-Khanates, on the other hand, achieved power by giving their subordination to the main Kahn, Kublai, and the main empire, thus ensuring the support of a successful ally. Because they were originally not a Muslim culture, they were often attacked by the Islamic states surrounding them. Eventually, after the converted to Islam, they were able to solidify their faith and gain acceptance. Thus, both clans were able to earn power through their religion, although through different means.
It's important to revisit the development of these two empires in order to see how their power bases were increased by their acceptance into Islam. First, it is important to revisit the original Mongol invasions. Something different happened after the Mongols had invaded a few Islamic empires; eventually, the Mongols were to become Muslim themselves. This was to play an important role in the development of Islam within the Il-Khanate. The invasions of Central Asia and Russia by the Chagatai Khanate and the Golden Horde did not have the negative impacts on the native Islamic faith that the Mongol invasion of Iraq and Persia both had. Even though the Mongols defeated the Islamic states, the Muslim faith did prevail, and the Mongols themselves, although the invaders, did, for the most part, convert to Islam. However, the Mongol conquering of Islam's heartland did result in some major changes for the religion. By conquering and disemboweling the current Islamic dynasties, the Mongols instilled new ones, thus setting a new era for the religion. This new era would allow both the Il-Khans and the Mamluk to achieve power through Islam, although this power would not be implemented until a little later in history.
In order to understand how this process came about, it is important to revisit the history regarding the Mongol conquering of Islam. The fighting in Asia began in the 13th century with Genghis Khan, who raided Persia and conquered several cities up until his death. By 1237, the Mongols were outside of Bagdhad, the center of the Abbasid caliphate. When the Great Kahn Mongke was elected in 1251, the decision to attack the Abbasid caliphate was formed. Mongke did not like that Islamic people worshipped a man who they seemed to view as even above the Khan. Thus, the Mongols attacked the capital, and came out victorious (Nichoole 82). Then, Mongke gave instructions to attack the caliphate only if it decided not to surrender. Of course, the caliphate did not, and they were largely unprepared to do battle with fighters as whorled-renowned as the Mongols. They had a large force, but were not as well trained as the Mongols. Another problem that emerged in the Islamic faction was the age-old battle between Sunni and Shiite, and the fact that the caliphate was a Sunni meant that many Shiites went over to the Mongol side, thinking they would regain power if they did saw. Also, many Christians joined the side of the Mongols, seeing the Mongols as possible saviors from the fate of Islam. Some of the Mongol army was, in fact, Christian, so this is perhaps one of the reasons why they were able to gather so much support. Many Mongol soldiers were careful not to destroy Christian churches and symbols, and this fact endeared the army to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Power of the Mamluks and Il-Khanates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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