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The essay "Historical Portrayal of Genghis Khan" gives a short biography of Genghis Khan as one of the greatest leaders of his time and a good planner. The writer of this historical portrayal mentions the measures taken by the Khan for mastering the policy of strengthening…
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Historical Portrayal of Genghis Khan
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History and Political Science: Ratchnevsky Genghis Khan is the greatest leader of his time; he led the Mongols and achieved many things at a younger age. The rivalry of Mongol tribes propelled him to conquer other tribes and dynasties. His thirsty for power was evident at a younger age as he claimed to be installed as the chief of his clan at the age of 9. However, he was less more different from other rulers of early and modern civilizations where accumulation of scarce resources is the main motivating factor that drives conflicts and wars (Ratchnevsky, 1993).
Genghis Khan was a good planner; likewise he adopted policies and laws that later shaped the strategies of most ancient civilizations. Religion was the unifying factor in the Mongol Empire, and he referred himself as the religious leader of the people which become the motivating factor for his military. In addition, some of the Genghis ideas were great beyond those of revolution era of 1900s. For example; he allowed religious tolerance in his empire where people practiced different religions without interruptions. Religious intolerance was common in early civilizations like the Roman Empire and Soviet. Furthermore, the conquest of the Chinese Empire opened the east to the west, making him a historical icon. The administrative system of Mongol ruler is clearly modern especially because of recognizing merit in promoting his staff just like a typical bureaucracy (Ratchnevsky, 1993).
In short, Genghis mastered the policy of strengthening the tools of domination that enables an individual or a group of people to conquer and subdue others. He mainly used the military and accumulated land territory thus making powerful.
Ratchnevsky, P. (1993). Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy translated and edited by Thomas Nivison Haining Oxford, UK: Blackwell. Read More
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