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The researcher of this essay will make an earnest attempt to discuss the role played by compromise in delaying the civil war by looking at Missouri, Kansas-Nebraska act, popular sovereignty, compromise of 1850, and the prevalent issue of slavery…
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Role of Compromise in Delaying the Civil War
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Role of Compromise in Delaying the Civil War
The period before the American civil war of 1861-1865 was one of the politically dramatic periods in American history. Compromise played a big role in delaying the civil war until 1861. This paper discusses role played by compromise in delaying the civil war by looking at Missouri, Kansas-Nebraska act, popular sovereignty, compromise of 1850, and the prevalent issue of slavery.
The compromise of 1850 consisted of five bills processed by Clay and advocated by Douglas. The bill made it possible for Texas to withdraw its war claim to New Mexico. States such as Washington D.C agreed to ban of slave trade whereas others such as national capital retained slave trade. Additionally, other states allowed California to be a free state.
The ideas of popular sovereignty sought to manifest sovereign powers to the people by allowing them have free will in determining their political and societal discourse. This was most evident in Kansas-Nebraska act. Douglas advocated for democracy and free will among the people. Different states were able to make their own independent decisions regarding important issue such as constitution. This helped delay the civil war appreciably.
Missouri compromise aimed at finding a consensus between pro and anti-slavery factions. House of Representatives eased their stand on the issue. Missouri was allowed to make their own constitution in which they sought to forbid slave trade. Although the congress failed to appreciate the amendment, the process of working it out helped delay the civil war. The combination of the above and other factors made the war to delay until 1850 when the civil war started (Alexander and Rucker 340).
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