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The Reformation - Essay Example

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Martin Luther’s trial at ‘Diet of Worms’ punished him with excommunication when he refused to recant his 45 sentences including ninety five theses. That gave him the opportunity to fuel the movement of Protestant Reformation. …
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The Reformation
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Download file to see previous pages Martin Luther with the help of his colleagues introduced a new order of prayers at their Electoral Saxony of 1527. He completed many religious literary pieces including his German Mass which was his simpler form of his earlier Latin Mass. The idea was to make religious teachings and scriptures easier for common people. He believed that Catholic Church was not letting people understand the religion, instead they were coming up with their interpretations of the teachings of Christ as they found fitting. What started as a question or a challenge to Catholic teachings turned into a massively popular protestant movement in Christianity.
The Scientific Revolution
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was one of the greatest scientists of the era of Scientific Revolution. He was an Italian physicist, mathematician, philosopher and astronomer. Galileo constructed his famous theory of heliocentrism which apparently was contradictory to Biblical Scriptures. According to this theory, Galileo correctly demonstrated the orbit of the solar system by stating that the sun is the center around which the earth and other planets revolve. This didn’t sit well with the Catholic Church who blamed Galileo of committing heresy as his theory was against the reading of the scriptures; “The world is firmly established, it cannot be moved” (1 Chronicles 16:30). Galileo faced a trial on suspicion of heresy. Today he is recognized as the iconic challenger in the face of Church’s Authority.
In 1633, Galileo faced his trial which found him guilty of heresy. He was imprisoned and his famous work on solar system orbits, Dialogue was banned. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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