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The ancient Americas exhibition in the field museum illustrates the variety and complexity of beliefs that arose about 25000 years, and the correspondences fundamental human conduct through time and space (Saunders 23). By learning about ancient Americas, we see how their…
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The Ancient Americas
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Task The Ancient Americas Cultures highlighted and period covered The ancient Americas exhibition in the field museum illustrates the variety and complexity of beliefs that arose about 25000 years, and the correspondences fundamental human conduct through time and space (Saunders 23). By learning about ancient Americas, we see how their intellect and creativity has prejudiced the ways we live nowadays. From the exhibition, we discover that the ancient Americas were gatherers and hunters, and they had different types of leadership. In the field museum, they have highlighted ethnic food, art and craft, religious, and cultural practices of the ancient Americas people. In addition, it is well highlighted that the ancient Americas people had a wide range of backgrounds, values, attributes, and physical features as any other people of all cultures would have.
Ice Age Environment and How Human Solved the Problem of Survival
After viewing scientific video in the field museum, we discovered that ancient Americas lived during the ice age. The environment of the ice age was harsh because most part of the earth was covered with spruce woodlands; lakes, glacier, marshes, sea levels were lower, and temperatures were cooler. Indigenous people solved the problem of survival by becoming hunters and gatherers because no crops would have grown on the glacier. In addition, it was clear from the video that they crafted finely Clovis and fishtail stone tools that were extremely vital in hunting and gathering.
What Is Learned From Interactive Food Wall?
From the interactive food wall, we learned how creative and innovative indigenous people were as the climate and environment changed drastically, and many animals became nonexistent. Their innovative abilities were extremely critical when they were faced with food shortage because it resulted to inventing remarkable types of food. Invention of new food like domestication of maize and improving fishing among many other invention resulted to improvement in their diet and solving food shortage.
The Most Distinctive Traits of Southwestern Pottery and How They Indicate Evolution of Pottery
In the field museum, the southwestern pottery illustrated characteristic of powerful leaders and characteristics of people of different societies. The wide range of ceramic of the southwestern offers a unique look at the societies’ spiritual, political, and daily lives of the indigenous people. In addition, the monuments were made for the leaders to make a meeting point for his followers, therefore, making them famous to their people. The pottery the indigenous people made are the ones that have been improved continuously to come up with the pottery we are making today. These shows that the potteries we make today have evolved from the potteries that were made by the indigenous people.
The Moche People and How Their Pottery Differed From That of Southwest People
Moche society consisted of different social classes, where influential leading warrior-priests ruled densely inhabited cities. More is learned about Moche society through their wide range of ceramic vessels that give their exclusive look at their political, spiritual, and daily lives. Moche pottery differ from that of people of southwest because their pots were highly genuine in their portrayals of citizen and the routine, agreeable, and thoughtful features of daily life.
What Intrigued Me Most and Why
In the exhibit, the features of empire builders intrigued me the most because I explored ways in which empires organized their regions. I discovered that they controlled their kingdoms through making political coalitions, sharing spiritual opinions, and evolving wide trade network. In addition, they achieved multifaceted record keeping and statement systems. The field museum highlights the Aztec and the Inca empires that characteristics are shared by the modern empires like British Empire and the Soviet Union.
However, the field museum is very important in learning the cultures, interactive food wall, pottery, empire builders, and innovation and creativity of the ancient Americas. The exhibition is extremely vital because it gives the student first-hand information about the ancient Americas that help them to understand what is taught in the classroom.
Work Cited
Saunders, Nicholas.2006. The ancient Americas: Maya, Aztec Inca & Beyond. Sutton press, United Kingdom. Print. Read More
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