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How did 9/11 affect the depiction of American Muslims in American media - Research Paper Example

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In the year 2001 one of the most attractive and busiest buildings in America were attacked by a group of terrorists that was The World Trade Centre…
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How did 9/11 affect the depiction of American Muslims in American media
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"How did 9/11 affect the depiction of American Muslims in American media"

Download file to see previous pages They became a reason of hatred without committing any crime or without being involved in any kind of unsocial activities. The incident that took place in September 11 2001 is deeply regretted by American society and the impact of this attack was trembling. After this incident Muslims were recognized as terrorists in many places. Media played an important role in the depiction of the face of Muslims against the world. This was a period of sorrow for everyone including Muslims in America. This research paper analyses and discusses the important facts relate to the following research question “What was the role of media in recognizing American Muslims as terrorists after the incident of 9/11?”
Media plays a very important role in shaping a society. Every individual has an opinion in the modern world this is because of advancement in technology and fastest means of communication possible via media. 9/11 was one of the biggest shocks for the people of United States despite of taking huge precautions this terrible incident happened and shook life of citizen. This day was a matter of sorrow for each and every people residing in United States which includes people of all religion. However the impact of media during the incident had a very negative progression (Rippin 140). Because of huge rush and mass messages media played a role that was very unfavourable for Muslims residing in America. Many Muslims were permanent citizens and because of social disturbance it became tough for them to live in the society. The terrorist activity involved only a couple of anti-social elements but the incident let innocent Muslims to suffer not only in the United States but all over the country. People following Islamic religion were seen in a face of threat instead of being accepted by other people in the society. Many Muslims had also died in the incident but the information forecasted by media was not in favour of Muslim people and hence the society had to witness them as anti ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Did 9/11 Affect the Depiction of American Muslims in American Research Paper.
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Radicalization of American Muslims hearings America. This is a fact that these radicalization hearings have significantly affected the Arab and Muslim communities in America. These impacts cannot be ignored since they are gravely offending some Muslims, who are honest and do not have any rebellious notions in their hearts. It is identified by Schaefer (2009, pp. 274-276) that after the 9/11 incident, all American Muslims have to be photographed and strictly investigated at airports and checkpoints, and anti-Muslim feelings are fueled by radicalization hearings. It is reported by these people that they are often unreasonably investigated by US...
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