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Arab Spring in some states in the Middle East, but why not IRAQ - Essay Example

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Describe causes, events and consequences. Describe any international interventions in an "Arab Spring" uprising in your assigned country (IRAQ). If an uprising did not occur, attempt to explain why, or if there has…
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Arab Spring in some states in the Middle East, but why not IRAQ
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"Arab Spring in some states in the Middle East, but why not IRAQ"

Download file to see previous pages Other countries such as Syria are also experiencing huge turmoil which could result in the end of its government. But amidst of all of this Iraq has remained relatively quiet.
There are various reasons attributed to the absence of mass protests in Iraq. Some experts believe that Iraq is too diverse. It comprises of many minorities and small groups which find it hard to come together and fight against the present government. Cain highlights the problem on the background of Iraqi demographics, “DEMOGRAPHICALLY, IRAQ IS UNIQUE AMONG MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES AND THE PROFOUND DIFFERENCES WOULD SEEMINGLY MAKE IT EVEN MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO A POPULAR UPRISING. IRAQ ALSO CONTAINS A VAST SEMI-AUTONOMOUS REGION IN THE NORTH THAT IS COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY THE ETHNIC KURDS AND THE KURDISTAN REGIONAL GOVERNMENT.”
At the same time there are others who believe that Arab Spring has touched Iraqi people. The magnitude of demonstrations may have been unthreatening to the U.S. backed Iraqi regime but there were demonstrations none the less. As IslamoPedia, an online platform for exchange of Islamic thought puts it, “THROUGHOUT 2011, THOUSANDS OF IRAQIS JOINED TOGETHER IN RARE DISPLAYS OF CROSS-SECTARIAN HARMONY ACROSS THE COUNTRY, WITH SHI’ITES, SUNNIS, AND KURDISH CITIZENS DEMANDING IMPROVED LIVING CONDITIONS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, AN END TO CORRUPTION, UNEMPLOYMENT AND INFLATED SALARIES FOR POLITICIANS, ALONG WITH AN END TO FOREIGN OCCUPATION.”
The question that arises is that why the protests haven’t been so ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arab Spring in Some States in the Middle East, But Why Not IRAQ Essay.
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