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Beside its positive role, will Arab Spring have a negative impact on the Middle East - Research Paper Example

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Beside Its Positive Role, Will Arab Spring Have a Negative Impact on the Middle East Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis statement 4 Literature Review 4 Arguments on Whether Arab Spring Can Impose Negative Impacts 7 Bloodshed Caused by Arab Spring 7 The Likelihood of Revenge Attacks 8 Security of the Ethnic and Religious Minorities 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 Appendix 13 Introduction Arab Spring refers to the revolutionary protests of civilians which had recently taken place in the Middle Eastern countries, especially in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt (Anderson)…
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Beside its positive role, will Arab Spring have a negative impact on the Middle East
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Extract of sample "Beside its positive role, will Arab Spring have a negative impact on the Middle East"

Download file to see previous pages Such awareness within the Islamic community played a vital role in awakening the leaders of the Arab world such as Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen. of the revolutionary acts of Arab Springs were fundamentally based on the issues such as inflation, rising food prices, unemployment, government corruption and human rights violation related issues (Naguib). Apparently, the rise of Arab Spring depicts the necessity of change in the Arabian world to mitigate its political, economic as well as social jeopardy. Contextually, similar to other revolutionary actions maneuvered by humankind since ages, the consequences of Arab Spring has also been considered under intense scrutiny all around the world. However, till date, from an overall perspective, the consequences of Arab Spring have been referred as quite favorable to the Arabian economic conditions. One of the necessary and arguably positive outcomes of Arab Spring can be identified as the political reformation of Arabian nations, with greater emphasis on their democratic rights. Furthermore, experts have often argued that Arab Spring has played a pivotal role in re-building the confidence within people to make the required changes in their social, economic as well as political conditions (Bayat 27-30). Thesis statement This discussion will be focused on evaluating the visionary contexts of Arab Spring taking into concern, the various world views regarding its impacts on the Arabian community. Research depict that the revolutionary action has indeed presented certain valuable returns towards the sustainability of the community, but it is also not without a negative approach. Based on this concern, the research question to be considered in this discussion will be focused on evaluating whether Arab Spring will impose negative impacts on the Middle East in the future period. Literature Review Historic evidences reveal repeated instances of revolutionary events maneuvered by one group of people, who are commonly explained as the sufferers of the ill-treatment practiced by the other group(s). Arab Spring is also regarded to be one of such revolutionary events of the modern day phenomenon (al-Azm). The event took place during the 2010 when a street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi committed suicide by setting fire on his body as a way to protest against the dictatorship role played by the government in Tunisia. After a few days to the death of the street vendor, protestors rapidly augmented in numbers to fight against the continuing mistreatments towards the common public by the municipal agents. Gradually, the protest began covering a larger sphere and expanded to the national level deciphering uncontrollable aggression against the then prevailing political system. Later, the cause of Arab Spring began to be related in other neighboring Arab nations engulfing the entire Middle Eastern region as a wildfire (Moaddel). It can be apparently observed with reference to the background of Arab Spring that the ultimate motive of the revolution was to ensure a healthy, prosperous and participative political environment which could boost social welfare and economic development within the Middle East region from a long run perspective. 20th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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