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Pick a major issue/problem in international politics. Which of the theories on the module gives the best insights into that prob - Essay Example

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Introduction International relations theories study international relations form a theoretical perspective with the aim of providing conceptual framework through which the relationship between different countries can be analysed. There are several theories, which have been used as a pair of sunglasses to see and analyse international relations in wider perspective, and they include idealism, realism, Marxism, rationalism among others…
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Pick a major issue/problem in international politics. Which of the theories on the module gives the best insights into that prob
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"Pick a major issue/problem in international politics. Which of the theories on the module gives the best insights into that prob"

Download file to see previous pages The peace and stability in the Middle East is also of vital importance to the stability and peace of the world hence it cannot be left in isolation. The west in particular is looking with a lot of interest due to the high stakes involved and they are not taking any chances with matters of peace. The irony is that dictators who are not willing to leave state offices with any form of democracy head most of the counties in the Arab region. Most of the theories have been applied with the view of explaining the unfolding of events in the Arab world so that people can fully understand what is happening in the Arab world. Most of the scholars have developed interest to research on the real causes and the magnitude of the Arab springs since it attracted a lot of interest globally and many people are still baffled. Arab springs There has been an array of mass protest especially in the Middle East and parts of North Africa in search of democracy a condition referred to Arab springs. This has left the power holders and activist across the globe wondering the direction these mass protests would take due to its enormous magnitude and fast speed with which it is spreading. The remaining autocratic countries are left wondering the if these effects would one day come to haunt them and thus citizens always keeps their eyes on television with hope of better future. The basic problems stirring the Arab springs are the same in as much as the countries are different giving a stern warning to dictators that the clock is ticking (Dodge, 2012). Rise of Arab springs saw a process of deep political change in countries where authoritarianism was so immense that it was difficult to challenge due to its continuous persistence. These Arab countries have seen a wave of demonstrations both violent and non-violent in their attempt to make their voices be heard in in their less democratic countries. These has seen great rules like removed out of power forcefully, other resigning and others fighting endless battles with demonstrators in their attempt to cling to power. Countries, which have seen direct impact of Arab springs, include Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria among others. These events which began in Tunisia then to Egypt and Libya eventually spread to most of the Arab countries shook the political, economic and intellectual foundations of the middle east and the effects is still felt today. Due to the magnitude of the tremors caused by these springs, no one is certain when this unrest will end or weather a bigger wave of unrest may erupt in other places in the world. According to Al-Turk and Byman (2011), Arab spring was long in in the making as such could not be avoided due to lack of democracy and lack of political transparency. These unrest were instigated by political problems, economic problems, diplomatic problems, social problems and judicial problems thus making them very violent. The stagnation of Arab economies is believed to be the beginning of the endless unrest since most of the citizens were dissatisfied by the way most of their government operate. By the time most countries were evolving from agrarian revolution to industrial economies, most of the Arab states continue to rely on their vast oil reserves as the major ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pick a Major issue/Problem in International Politics. Which of the Essay - 1.
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