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Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Issue of Nationalist Movement - Research Paper Example

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The objective of the research "Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Issue of Nationalist Movement" is to concern the underlying causes of the Arab Israel conflict of 1948. The paper also brings up the topic of the Balfour Declaration along with the Arab Spring…
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Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Issue of Nationalist Movement
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Extract of sample "Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Issue of Nationalist Movement"

Download file to see previous pages Jewish nationalism caused the conflict due to the numerous persecutions and massacres they faced. They were also expelled in most European countries and hence had to look for their own land free from persecution that they believed was Israel. Another reason for this was the British decision to end mandate that made Arabs perceive it as a breach of the agreement that made them furious as the British support for their independence was broken. The Arab treatment by the Israeli denied them basic political rights and freedom as they were seen as a threat to Israeli. They imposed policies that hurt the Palestinians hence the revolt against the military administration that was set to govern their resident in the West Bank and Gaza.
The rise of the Palestinian nationalist movement against state formation led to the 1948 Arab –Israeli war termed as the war for independence. The Arab resistance against giving part of their land to the Jewish without being informed was viewed as a threat to the independence of the Palestinian nation. The Israeli also took a better part of the land leaving them with worst lands and this angered them leading to conflicts and subsequent formation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization that used terrorism to frighten the Jews to return their land.
Zionism was formed as a national movement with an aim or goal to create and support the Jews national state in Palestine that was the ancient home to the Jews. It originated from the eastern and central Europe in the late 19th century.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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