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War and Peace in Middle East - Essay Example

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This essay describes war and peace in Middle East in the backdrop of religious ruling and two types of nationalism. The paper ends with recognizing the fact that the Jewish nationalism resulted in democracy in Israel, but Arab nationalism did not give rise to democracy in Islamic states…
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War and Peace in Middle East
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Extract of sample "War and Peace in Middle East"

Download file to see previous pages Middle East has its own recognition on the globe for sensitive political developments. The area is well known for its rich oil resources and for its religious divisions between the people. Starting with the important and North African Country in Middle East; Egypt played vital role in the activities of Arabian countries in the history of the area. Many activities of the Arabian countries revolve around Egypt till the occurrence of revolution in 1952. The country was under the ruling of Khedives and kings for years together. Hence, it made the country fully corrupted and it remained backward. Simultaneously, European countries like Britain and France eyed Egypt for business opportunities. In the course of time, the revolution ruined the country and the later situations were totally different. The socio-economic conditions were changed. The fertile land in the country remained unused and people have become poor and even begged for food. Thus the country was trouble-torn for a long time (Peter Mansfield, 1965). The rest of the Middle East is always in news due to political and socio economic equations. According to David Fromkin (1989), the boarder quarries between the countries like Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Jordan make the area hot and the countries frequently exchanged fire at their boarders. More or less, UK, USA, Russia, and France involved in the daily activities of above-mentioned countries. The developed countries considered the Middle East as a play ground for their battle enthusiasm keeping in view that it is rich in oil resources. The proposal of alliance between Turkey (Ottomans) and Germany was a cause for Russia's unhappiness and it provoked Britain to invade Turkey and bagged a bitter experience. As a result, the involvement of Europeans from 1922 in the Middle East resulted in rise of Arab nationalism. That made all Arabian countries in the Middle East to act as one against the acts of Europeans but did not ensure the establishment of a country like Israel in case of Jews. In the above course of activities, UK wanted to make Husain as the king of Saudi Arabia to control the area of Middle East. However, it was not possible due to the socio-political situation at that time. Consequently, UK has to maintain its army troops there for years together and it becomes burden to that country. In the course of time, Britain and other European countries wanted to mend the situation in the Middle East according to their wish. As the religious differences between people resulted in disputes between states, to exploit that situation the UK implemented Balfour declaration to advocate Jewish national home in Palestine. Consequently, substantial part of Palestine has become the land of land mines and thousands of people were killed in Wars between Israel and other Muslim dominated countries in Middle East. As Palestinians want to rule themselves from Gaza and Israel wants to control them, the deviations between the two races always put the area in blood bath and concept of Arab Nationalism has been strengthened.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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War and Peace in Middle East Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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