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History: The Chase Impeachment and The Elections of 1860 - Essay Example

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This essay describes the historical events of the Elections of 1860 and the Chase Impeachment of 1804, that was carried out against Samuel Chase, then the US Supreme Court Justice, who gained controversy due to his rebellion against the United States government…
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History: The Chase Impeachment and The Elections of 1860
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Extract of sample "History: The Chase Impeachment and The Elections of 1860"

Download file to see previous pages This essay focuses on describing of two important historical events, which are the Chase Impeachment of 1804 and the Elections of 1860. An impeachment trial is a political process whereby the government decides whether an impeached official should be expelled from office or convicted of legal offense. The Chase Impeachment of 1804 was carried out against Samuel Chase, then the US Supreme Court Justice. Chase had gained controversy due to his rebellion against the US government. During the elections of 1800, Chase had earned the enmity of Thomas Jefferson’s alliance due to his prosecutions of journalists who wrote in favor of Jefferson while criticizing his competitor, John Adams. The researcher describes the events of the Elections of 1860 in the second part of the essay. These elections were accurately registered the precarious condition of the country which had intense divisions among the American nation. During the mid 19th century, the debate over slavery had come to a breaking point. The researcher describes all four nominees for presidency from both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and the results of the elections. The elections resulted in Lincoln gaining a popular vote in seventeen free states whereas Breckinridge was popularly supported in eleven slave states. Thus Abraham Lincoln was able to form the government following the elections in 1860. However, his notion on slavery was not acceptable by the South and the Southern states started withdrawing from the Union, paving way for the Civil War. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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