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Although the country was prepared for the elections, there was looming tension due to unresolved social, political, and economic ideologies. Notably, one of the most predominant and…
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Election of 1860
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Election of 1860 It is undeniable that the election of 1860 is one of the major landmark events in U.S history. Although the country was prepared forthe elections, there was looming tension due to unresolved social, political, and economic ideologies. Notably, one of the most predominant and pressing issue was the question of slavery, which divided Americans between two groups, one advocating for the rights of slaves while the other advocated for rights of slave owners. Indeed, it did not come by surprise that the election was followed by the infamous American civil war.
A year after John Bolt had attempted a slave revolt in Virginia, the national debate over slavery reached boiling point and a number of Southern states threatened to secede from the Republican Party, which triggered the start of the civil war, just after the outcome of the elections. The Republican Party was advocating for the expansion of the slavery into the western nation. The two opposing sides locked heads up to and after the presidential election.
The choice for leadership was not easy either. Some people thought Stephen Douglas was the best candidate. Others thought that John Breckenridge or John Bell was the most suitable candidate for America at that time. However, the presidential elections outcome proved that Lincoln was the most preferred candidate to the electorate despite the fact that only 40% of the votes cast went to him, with 2000 fewer votes going to him. The divide between the North and the South saw Lincoln gunner most of his votes in the North and clinching the leadership without support from the South. It was however Lincoln’s victory that provoked the session crisis that later sparked the war that followed. Read More
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