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The Critical Role of Women in History - Assignment Example

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This assignment is aimed at providing a report on issues like the emancipation proclamation, role of women, Chinese immigrants and Mexican Americans; the industrial revolution; machine politics in urban use; expansionist sentiment; women in the progressive era…
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The Critical Role of Women in History
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Extract of sample "The Critical Role of Women in History"

Download file to see previous pages The “Black Codes” in the Mississippi allowed the Blacks to be arrested for vagrancy and used them as cheap labor. They were also prohibited from owning arms, holding large gatherings and enrolling in juries. In response to these “Black Codes,” the Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in April 1866, which permitted blacks to enjoy many rights. President Johnson vetoed the Act saying it would “cause discord among races and this paved the way for his impeachment. During his trial, the Senate needed one more vote to reach the 2/3 rd majority and carry out the impeachment, but the single vote of Edmund G. Ross, a young Radical Republican, was instrumental in turning the tables in Johnson’s favor and so he remained in office.
During the Civil War, on January 1st, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation which set free all the slaves in the rebellious states. This proclamation captured the minds and hearts of millions of African Americans and in turn served to turn the war into a war of freedom.
Though thousands of fugitives were crowded into camps, the Government organized relief societies for the families to be taken care of. They organized aid and schools to teach the men, women, and children to read and write thus providing the African Americans with an education. The Government also commissioned the Blacks into the army and other jobs which were not open to them before.
Women of the Civil War were held in high esteem and they were allowed to take on politically active roles. During the Californian Gold Rush between 1849 and 1882, quite a large group of Chinese immigrants immigrated to the United States. Some of them worked alone whereas others worked for other miners. The majority of them settled there permanently while others went back home with the money they had saved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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