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Over a period of time, there have been considerable changes in the culture, values and beliefs that people follow. Most of them have been modified depending on the level of interaction with people…
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Socialization Assignment ABC 11/16 Contents Contents 2 Introduction: 3 Conclusion: 3 Works cited: 5 Introduction: In today’s fast paced world, values and beliefs play a very important part. Over a period of time, there have been considerable changes in the culture, values and beliefs that people follow. Most of them have been modified depending on the level of interaction with people coming from different backgrounds, ethnicity, caste and following certain rituals and traditions.
The best form of government, according to me, is that of a democratic government. It is formed by the people and the representatives are responsible to look after the interests meant for the good of the people. Recent political upheavals have proved this point. Dictatorship has eventually failed – be it Germany or Libya, people rebelled against such oppression and domination and finally the new government form is a democracy. Freedom of the common man is of extreme importance. This is because society is governed by the culture, values, beliefs and traditions which are followed by persons residing in a particular area or region.
Many art and art forms, religions, constitutional and civil rights and laws followed in a particular country are based depending on the culture and norms akin to a particular society. However, modernization in the twentieth century is widely regarded as a westernized system which has increasingly impacted the non – western society. The third world countries have started going for what the people regard as ethically better culture followed by the westerners. Take the case of English. The popularity of this language has spread so much that it is now among one of the official languages in most nations.
To conclude, economic changes have spurred a change in the values, beliefs, traditions and rituals that people followed. There is a direct connection between economic development and systematic changes. People hailing from an economically advanced nation are more flexible to changes and their values reflect a change. These people are more tolerant, rational, participatory and trustworthy (Inglehart & Baker 19 – 51).
Works cited:
Inglehart, R. & Baker, W. E. “Modernization, cultural change and the persistence of traditional values”. American Sociological Review, 65.1 (2000): 19 – 51. Print. Read More
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SOCIALIZATION ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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