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This paper under the headline 'Auschwitz - A New History" focuses on the fact that David Cole is among the first people to make a video that addresses questions related to the massacre of millions of Jews by the Nazi regime during the terrible Second World War. …
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Auschwitz - A New History
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As a result of his doubts, Cole visits the Auschwitz in Poland and interviews museum curator, Franciszek Piper, and from the interview that is exclusively found online, a lot of inconsistencies concerning Holocaust claims are revealed (Rees 43).
After interrogating Piper for long, Piper admits that the gas chambers that are widely acclaimed to have been used in killing Jews were only created after the Second World War. Piper asserts that the ‘’gas chamber’’ was originally an air raid shelter which had walls and a ‘’chimney’’ added to it after the war. Therefore, from this, the stories we hear about Jews being tortured in gas chambers in concentration camps in Poland have been quashed by this interview. From this, it is evident that David Cole had his reasons for believing that no Jew was gassed in Auschwitz. Hence, this video lambastes the questionable propaganda concerning this area of Poland. Therefore, the video by Cole asserts that the official history told about the Holocaust is a tale that is based on lies, war-time propaganda and myths (Rees 56). Read More
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Auschwitz - A New History Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 280 Words.
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