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Name Professor History Date Origin of Concentration Camps in Germany Sybille Steinbacher was a historian author who covered about the emerging and the end concentration camps in Germany. He defines a concentration camp as a place where people are confined without humanity regard constitutionally…
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Book review over Auschwitz A History by Sybille Steinbacher
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"Book review over Auschwitz A History by Sybille Steinbacher"

Download file to see previous pages Toxic gas, forced labor and starvation were a major cause of many deaths to those who opposed the Nazis rule or regime leading to the biggest graveyard in human history. This work seeks to review and assess SteinBacher’s historic on the origin of the concentration camps in the Germany. According to Steinbacher (7), he argues that Auschwitz was not a single camp but added up to 39 camps. This being a few weeks after the Nazis started ruling, the local civilian and the police created several camps all over Germany to detain those who opposed the ruling. There were numerous camps including Oranienburg, Esterwegen in Harmburg, Dachau in the northwest of Munich and Lichtenburg. These camps operated as an extermination center and industries which used slave forced labor with the Jews being inflicted with all forms of atrocities. It had never occurred before in a European nation such inhuman atrocities of entire people. Hitler the Nazi leader ordered the extermination of all Jews without any favor even to the newborns. Estimates of 1.1 million people were believed to have suffered and died before the closure of the camps. The first concentration camp was constructed to confine Polish prisoners who started arriving in Germany from May 1940 with the first extermination taking place in September 1941. The camps were staffed by 6,500 – 7,000 Germans in the course of war and about 15% of them were later convicted of war crimes. On 27th January, 1944 the prisoners remaining in the camps were liberated (Steinbacher 32); it is believed and agreed by most historians that Auschwitz was as a result of the worst murderers legislative known to the history of Europe. According to Nuremberg Laws of 1935, the Jews were turned into biological vermin to be eradicated from the state of Aryan. Steinbacher (54) makes it clear that Stalinist Russia never had equivalent wretched servile and in his self explanatory memoir of Kommandant Hoss in Auschwitz remembers disturbing events that evolved in the Auschwitz gas chambers. He continues to elaborate that the fact became so refined under Hoss that the condemned remained cheated until they were shut behind the doors of the fake shower rooms. According to Steinbacher, once people were dictated upon and deprived of their humanity it would become easy to kill them, a fact that modern dictators have known. The Jews who were enclosed in cattle trucks were very worn out by their journey that they were not considered as humans but as slaughter animals. Auschwitz personnel feigned their innocence about the moral consequences of their work by confining to their competence in their jobs of maintaining accurate arrivals records and train departure. Rees (Para. 5) believes that this is a powerful historical coverage by finding Steinbacher information relevant to what happened in Auschwitz. Steinbacher continues to win applause from most historians who agree that Auschwitz was as a result of most murderous legislative document recorded in the history of Europe. This makes it clear that Steinbacher work is proved beyond reasonable doubt to be true. In conclusion, Steinbacher gives the chronological origin of concentration camps in Germany with the majority of those suffering the atrocities being Jews. He shows how the concentration camps came into being, how people suffered and those concentration camp's staff personnel pretending not to recognize the pain they were causing to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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