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People could just do what they felt like doing. For instance, we see a stranger called mister Shane drifting himself into isolated sparsely populated valley. It soon became clear that he was…
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Society in the 1905
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Society in the 1905 From the movie ‘Shane,’ we are told how society was illegitimate in 1905 in America. People could just do what they felt like doing. For instance, we see a stranger called mister Shane drifting himself into isolated sparsely populated valley. It soon became clear that he was a gunslinger, and he found himself drawn into a dispute between ordinary homesteader, Joe Starrett and a powerful cattle baron, Rufus Ryker. Land grubbing, was generally prevalent in the society, and one could do what he felt fortunate to underscore his job. This is depicted clearly when Rufus Ryker wants Starrett and other homesteaders, who stayed in the valley, to vacate the land forcefully. Instead of being morally upright, people were wicked; Shane was drowned uncomfortably to Sharret’s wholesomely lovely wife, Miriam (You tube).
When Shane and other homesteaders went to town, He got involved in fist fighting with Ryker’s men. They ended up beating these men with Joe’s help, and the salesperson ordered them out. Ryker asserts that, with the help of his men, they will slay the next time when either Joe or Shane goes back to the town. This shows that, in this society, war was inevitable anywhere at any time. As tensions build up between the parties, Ryker hires an experienced gunslinger Wilson. After Wilson had murdered ex-confederate Frank Stonewall Torrey, a high tempered Alabama homesteader who was stopping him, homesteaders organized a funeral. Most of the homesteaders planed to leave the valley upon death of their strongman. This shows that, in this society, only the fittest could survive (You tube).
The society was administered by warlords who kill others mercilessly. Joe Sterrett decides to execute Wilson and Ryker by firing several bullets on them. His first objective was to save the town. Joe continues to be free, and no action is taken against him. Could there be structured administration, Joe could have faced trial. The homesteaders felt unsecure since they are not strong enough to defend themselves. The society had vengeful characters; this is shown when the homesteaders saw a fire burning at a distance after funeral. The fire was set by Ryker’s men on one of the homesteaders’ house. A certain section of the society was forgiving but fearful. This is shown when the homesteaders decided to stop fighting, they re-embark on construction of their houses, even though, they fear that their houses could be set a blaze by their rivals.
Joe decides to kill Wilson and his counterpart with the aim of saving the town. This shows that during this period, whoever was strong could take it upon himself to do what he feel is right. At the town, we see Shane walking into a certain room. He faces Wilson, both drew their guns and Shane shot Wilson several times. Shane then turns quickly to his left and gunned down Ryker. He then turned to leave. Joey, having trailed Shane from the farm, warns him of jeopardy. Rykers brother is on the stairway carrying a Winchester rifle, and fired first (Schaefer 57). He shot Shane at the back, nevertheless, Shane fires back and the rifleman collapses from the staircase onto the floor.
During this period men were the decision makers, women had no place in society. From the movie, we do not see women participating actively. In conclusion, the society was chaotic and only the powerful and skilled fighters were able to save their people. In other words, mode life in the society was survival for the fittest.
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