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Lamesa, Texas (Home Town) - Research Paper Example

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Lamesa, Texas (Home Town) Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 Historical Backgrounds 3 Experience Coming to America 5 Contributions to the Ozarks and Missouri Agriculture 5 Conclusion 6 Works Cited 7 Introduction The county seat of Dawson County, Lamesa, is situated sixty miles south of Lubbock within the central area of the county…
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Lamesa, Texas (Home Town)
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, the latter one was deemed suitable for the town and thus was accepted by the town committee (“History of Lamesa”) Thesis Statement The paper intends to provide a brief history of Lamesa, which is situated in Texas. Description of landscapes and contribution to the Ozarks and Missouri by the inhabitants of Lamesa will also be discussed. Furthermore, the agricultural industry developments after the settlement and its special available food crops will be analyzed. Historical Backgrounds The first inhabitants of the town were Paleo-Indians, who hunted and camped along Sulfer Springs Draw around 17000 years ago. Later, around the year 2000, the population amounted to approximately above 9,500; the settlers offered the best small-town living to the new visitors or inhabitants. Furthermore, the people are very much hospitable and friendly and provide a sense of warmth and belongingness to their guests (“About Lamesa”). In order to establish a new county seat for Dawson County, an election was held, the candidates being Lamesa and Chicago. Lamesa won the elections by a very small fraction of 5 votes. Following the election, a post office earlier based in Chicago was moved to Lamesa as people residing at Chicago started moving their township to Lamesa. Furthermore, Lamesa’s first school was opened in 1902, following which a daily mail service commenced from the year 1906. Moreover, the town got its first rail service on October 1, 1910; it was operated by Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway Company. Telephone and electric services commenced in the year 1905 and 1916 respectively (“History of Lamesa”). Lamesa had become integrated in the year 1917, soon after which large projects started to take place in the town. A new city hall, water and sewerage system, and streets made up of bricks were built in the year 1925. In 1945, a council-manager, a type of government, was established followinga decision of adopting a home-rule agreement. Initially, Lamesa flourished through farming, and at the later stages oil production became the major source of business for the residents. In the mid 1980s, when the town’s population stabilized around 11,500, the marketing and banking center dealt with various businesses, such as farming equipment, agricultural products, clothing and textiles, oil services, food processing, and cultivation of cotton. Gradually, the town began to develop with establishments of Dawson County Museum, Howard County Junior College, hospitals, libraries and several nursing homes (“Lamesa, Tx, (Dawson County)”). Traditionally, the people of Lamesa society and Dawson County were renowned in helping and providing support to each other. Dawson County was one of the five counties to receive the popular Army Navy “E”award for providing the highest men per capita during the Second World War. Furthermore, William Rafus Shafter is one of the renowned persons who visited the county for preparing a report on the local Indians. He and his company were the first persons to discover an Indian encampment at Laguna Sabinas or Cedar Lake which was the birth place of renowned Quanah Parker. Moreover, he along with his company constructed the initial wagon roads upon the plains and reported the county favorable on grazing conditions. Majority of the people residing in Lamesa are from the Christian religion (“ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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