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Biography of Albert Einstein - Essay Example

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Albert Einstein was born in a very normal middle class family in Germany. He was born on Mach 14, 1879 at the city of Ulm in Baden- Württemberg in Germany. His family inherited a German Jewish tradition. …
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Biography of Albert Einstein

Download file to see previous pages... Thus Einstein spent only six weeks in his place of birth. The image of Albert Einstein as an intellectual giant does not relate to skills as a kid. He could scarcely talk till the age of three. Taking this disadvantage into consideration, it was not expected that he would become a scientist whom the world would remember and respect for ever. Despite the problem in speaking, Einstein used to be very constructive and creative right from his early childhood. It has been recorded that he was really good in making tall card castles. It was also evident that he was different from his peers and had interests quite varied from that of children of his age. One ideal example of this is that he did not enjoy playing soldier which used to be a very common game amongst children of his age. Interestingly, at the age of twelve he got totally involved in a geometry book (Lewis, 1985). For a boy of this age to get interested in geometry when children of his age played around with toy cars, suggested the extra ordinary scientific aptitude he possessed even early during his childhood. Education The initial days of Albert Einstein’s schooling was done in Munich. He began his schooling at the Luitpold Gymnasium (Lewis, 1985). He was not a bright student at this school. It has also been argued that as a young boy with high aptitude in Science, the school and the syllabus could not be of interest to Einstein. In the autobiography notes of Einstein it has been mentioned that he developed disinterest in the education system and distrust on the educators. However, the fact that Einstein does live up to the academic standards that the school doesn’t mean that he was slow student. It has been recorded in his autobiography that he came up with his own proof for the Pythagoras theory early in the age of 12 (Einstein,1987). Later, in the year 1894, the family business which was run in Munich collapsed. The family was forced to move from Munich. Young Einstein was of fifteen then. He had to drop out of high school. The family moved to Italy. Einstein took a break from his education for a year as the family was still getting adapted to and settled in Italy. The next year he tried getting into Eidgen?ossiche Technische Hochschule which is the Federal Institute of Technology.. However he couldn’t pass the entrance examination. He then studied for a year in Swiss high School. He graduated from this school in the year 1896 (Lewis, 1985). This qualification further helped him get admitted to Eidgen?ossiche Technische Hochschule. He was not a bright student here in the Federal Institute as well. It has been reported by a number of researchers that Einstein’s teachers didn’t even expect him to pass this course. He continuously tried to organize a University scholarship to support his studies and living expenses. Attributing to the poor academic records all these efforts were turned down by the University. He also tried to get into a job of a higher secondary teacher along with his studies so that he could manage his living expenses. He was not successful in getting this as well. He successfully graduated from Eidgen?ossiche Technische Hochschule in the year 1900. An analysis of the schooling and education of Einstein suggests that he never had been a bright student. He studies in three different countries including Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Early Years of Work Albert Einstein’s initial days of professional endeavors were unduly in nature. He had to survive with small scale jobs for many years. He had been relying on temporary tutoring and teaching jobs for his survival. Being a mediocre in terms of academic performance, he couldn’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Albert Einstein
Science was the key for the modern man’s success in achieving the technology that proved the earth round and paved way for the man’s first step on moon. Many brilliant minds worked for achieving this beautiful modern world filled with comforts and luxuries and one such great human being who worked for making this a world a better place to live in, was Albert Einstein.
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Reading Journal for Why Socialism by Albert Einstein
Capitalistic community of production and consumption contributes to this fear. Oligarchy of private capital which power cannot be effectively checked even by a democratically political society impacts all its spheres. Capitalist's competition results in labor waste and deformation of the social consciousness of humans, in education as well.
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10.- The cultural constitution of man is the one factor that can be changed, not the biological, and it greatly determines the relationship between the individual and society, so human beings are not condemned to annihilate each other or to be at the mercy of fate.
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Albert Einstein
It is too sad that the whole world only realized his significance during his departure from Earth. Albert Einstein's intelligence is superb that no one believed that there will be someone as bright as him. As stated by Ze've Rosenkranz (2005), Einstein was one among the top students in class during his childhood years despite his problem with speech.
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This essay gives an insight to public and private lives of Albert Einstein. After 1919 Einstein was bestowed with a number of awards and honors, by the different international scientific societies. He always was beset upon by photographers and reporters. However, he utilized this opportunity to disseminate his political and social views.
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