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American History and Civil Rights Movement - Essay Example

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The author of the essay "American History and Civil Rights Movement" states that Sarah Heasman wrote in her article that Johnson started working as an elementary school teacher. It was at this time that he realized how awful the minorities’ education was but did not give up on them…
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American History and Civil Rights Movement
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Extract of sample "American History and Civil Rights Movement"

Later on, in 1948, Johnson vied for Senate and won. Whilst he was a senator, in the 1950s, his position on civil rights was clear, especially when he passed the Civil Rights Act in 1960, he wanted to end racial discrimination (Heasman, 2011).
“What approach did he take concerning Civil Rights as President, and what were his motives?”
Johnson came to office following the tragic assassination of President Kennedy, in 1963, as he was the Vice-president. However, in 1964, he won the presidential elections and set on to keep President Kennedy’s programs alive, including the Civil Rights Movement. Johnson relied on convincing Congress to the Civil Rights Act in 1964 as the Act did away with most discrimination the Black Americans and other races were facing (Cokie and Steve, 2004). However, this was not easy as he was facing resistance to the same Act from the Southerners in the US. His motives were crystal as he aimed at getting rid of racial discrimination against the non-natives; moreover, this would guarantee him more votes in the following elections (Cokie and Steve, 2004). Read More
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