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Though Andean and Mesoamerican societies can be analyzed in terms of pottery war methods and social structure, this paper focuses on comparison and contrast of their war methods. Andean and Mesoamerican societies are organized social groups with distinct origin. They have…
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Andean and mesoamerican societies
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Andean and Mesoamerican Societies of Learning Introduction Though Andean and Mesoamerican societies can be analyzed in terms of pottery war methods and social structure, this paper focuses on comparison and contrast of their war methods. Andean and Mesoamerican societies are organized social groups with distinct origin. They have different political, social and cultural administrative systems which have little similarities. Precisely, they had varying similarities and differences on their war methods, social structure and artificial activities such as pottery and ceramics. These communities had a common cultural structure, and their civilizations emerged from pre-colonial Americas. In this discussion, the war methods of the two societies are explored.
Comparing their War Methods
Both Andeans and Mesoamericans did not have complicated weapons for war fighting. They both used traditional war tools for hunting purposes, however, the approach in fighting their enemies varied. Mesoamericans had organized war fare than the Andeans.
Differences in their fighting methods
Andeans had poor weapons against their enemies and they majorly relied on the old war tactic methods. They used tools such as, flint- tipped spears, and cotton quilted tunics, bows and arrows to fight their enemies.1 In addition, they had no technologically advanced weapons, and this made them suffer defeat in many war stages. 2 Their poor war methods and choice of traditional weapons made Spanish triumph over them during the war. This led to the capture of their emperor by the enemies because of their technological vulnerability and cultural gap.
Mesoamerican’s war was occasionally based on raids. Their wars fare rose as a result of the destruction and seizing of fixed assets. They had different methods of fighting. These methods were based on experience and skills, which they had learnt over the years. During wars, they retreated strategically to their familiar territories. Notably, they had to siege cities during the wars to counter their enemy. They also used alliances method. The alliances made the weaker enemies defeat the most powerful enemies, who were likely to beat them in the war. This method worked greatly in their favour.
Another method of fighting the enemy was the destruction warfare methods. This method majorly included burning. The jungle terrain of their land also made it more complicated for their enemies to reach them. 3The warfare used was also through control of trade routes, which made them defend their cities with defensive structures like gateways, earthworks, and palisades. At some point, they could use hunting tools for war purposes.
Moreover, there are exhibitions on Andean and Mesoamerican people in the Museum of Natural History of New York City.4 The exhibitions include the great Incas road that is a spectacular photography of a highway of an empire. Besides, there are art work galleries on Andean and Mesoamerican exhibitions. The art woks shown include pottery work that is beautifully displayed as one of the exhibition materials in the museum5.
In conclusion, the organization of Andean and Mesoamerican societies is clearly reflected in their cultural methods of fighting, and the great influence they had on the art works in many museum exhibitions in New York, such as the Anthology Film Archives.
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