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Discussion-MODULE 10 - Essay Example

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Indeed, the American societies and Afro-Eurasia established modest contacts and formed centralized kingdoms, empires, and stateless administrations. They also shared a…
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Discussion-MODULE 10
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"Discussion-MODULE 10"

Download file to see previous pages -Classic societies in Mesoamerica included the presence of jade carvings, engineering genius, complex and perfect signs, the Oto-Manguean language, and the establishment of the 365-day secular calendar and 260-day ritual calendar . Other features included monumental stone heads, and occupation of Balsa river basin, which is the origin of the Olmec society Olmec culture.
On the other hand, the lecture, textbook, the reading by Diaz del Castillo, and the video "Engineering an Empire: Aztecs," describes the origins of Aztec society and their rise to power in the Valley of Mexico. Indeed, they agree that the origin of the Aztec is legendary and uncertain but relate their traditions to hunters and gatherers who originated from the northern Mexican plateau before migrating to the Valley of Mexico. The name Aztec originated from the name Aztlán that referred to northern Mexico.
The Aztec rose to power in the Valley of Mexico by forming allies with the powerful tribes in the Valley of Mexico, brilliant military campaigns, and adopting new technologies to survive in the harsh environment. Ideally, the technological achievements in Tenochtitlan enhanced their gradual accumulation of power by transforming the marshes in the Valley of Mexico into rich agricultural land that improved their economic capacity to fight their rivals. They also used technologies to expand the island and create more spaces for transporting their materials. However, the human sacrifice practice adopted by the Aztec led to their fall since they sacrificed a huge number of their people at once thus deflating their army. The human sacrifice led to the defeat by the Spaniards who later occupied the Mexico City.
Moreover, the lecture, textbook, and the reading by Cieza de Leon describe the basis of Andean society and the rise of the Inca Empire. The use of huge numbers of reluctant draftees defined the basis of Andean society that was fighting the Spaniards. The Inca Empire rose in the 1440s under the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discussion-MODULE 10 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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