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Modules Work - Coursework Example

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In the event of no reply for a positive confirmation, we would resend the confirmation and consider calling the customer to encourage them to reply (Klopper, 2011). If this does not work, we would perform alternative procedures that would be intended to verify the existence…
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Modules Work
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, I would try to confirm the note with the customer including the balance due, interest rate, date of the note, date due and also the collateral pledged (Kinney, 2011).
Basing on aging analysis and subsequent collection (WP 3.B) and discussion with the credit manager, an allowance of $600000 is reasonable and adequate (I examined correspondence and also discussed with the credit manager; explanation of audit legend)
The late recording of the vouchers and early recording of the sales seems to be intentional earning inflation devices. This include vouchers 12458 and 12459 and sales invoices 33003, 33004, 33006, 33007, and 33009.
Considering Biltrite’s internal controls relating to shipping and receiving, unintentional errors of this type and magnitude are not likely to appear (Kimmel, 2011). Suppose the auditor does suspect misrepresentation, consideration should be given to possible lowering of individual item materiality threshold. More so due to 3 million dollars check ‘kiting’ and misrepresentation of the Lawton related party loan in the previous module IX.
1. Lucas has satisfied some of the objectives of searching for unrecorded liabilities but not all. She has been able to determine whether additional invoices received and not un-vouchered are for charges pertaining to the year being audited. Additionally, she has determined whether the client included these charges in liabilities. This has been done by examining 2010 un-vouchered invoices and tracing 2009 charges contained therein to the client’s 12/2/09 Adjustment for unrecorded invoices. However, Lucas did ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modules Work Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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