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An Intro to Business Studies: Globalization, Competition, and Management - Assignment Example

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The goal of the assignment "An Intro to Business Studies: Globalization, Competition, and Management" is to discuss the aspects of contemporary high-level management of the business organization. The writer uses the case of Arena Flowers for illustration purposes…
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An Intro to Business Studies: Globalization, Competition, and Management
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Extract of sample "An Intro to Business Studies: Globalization, Competition, and Management"

Download file to see previous pages The company can improve upon the identified threats to become proactive to the situations and add to its competitive advantage in the market. The primary threat identified for the company is from its competitors. Hence, the company can think of expanding its businesses in places where the competition and could easily win the market share there. The company needs to device a strong and diverse marketing strategy to promote and advertise its business which would ensure that it would be able to increase its brand significantly. Efficiency could be achieved in its business operations if the job responsibilities are delegated to all the employees in an effective manner. The company needs to use the latest technology available to design its inventory management system through effective future forecasting of the future sales demand for its products. In order to achieve its goal of becoming one of the largest companies in the industry, it needs to have a competitive advantage which could be achieved through strengthening its core competencies and investing more on research and development to innovate new products that could attract a large number of customers to buy its products. The focus should be on recording pre-tax profits rather than after-tax profits to be able to attract prospective investors to invest in the company. All these initiatives can help the company to achieve its objectives and build up a sustainable business. Question 1 (b) Factors Influencing Organisational Culture is an important aspect of analyzing a business organization. In the context of Arena Flowers, various factors can be identified which acts as a driving force in developing the cultural environment observable within the company and the business activities carried on by it. One of the major factors influencing the culture of Arena Flowers is the influence of its co-founder Mr. Wynne who is observed as having a dominant character. Most of the activities carried on by the employees of the company are found to be driven by the management style as possessed by Wynne. Apart from this the type of industry in which the company is operating its business is also found to have an impact on Arena Flowers. The completion in the industry is high and is causing concern for Wynne and his organization. Hence he is thinking of expanding his business in a big way to have a competitive advantage in the market and become more profitable in quick time. Company expectations are also an important factor of the organizational culture of Arena Flowers because it was able to generate unprecedented sales in the recent Valentine’s Day and has thus created a high expectation that the company can become one of the leading companies in the industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I had an issue with a assignment types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular essay. Even though "An Intro to Business Studies: Globalization, Competition, and Management" is far from my studies, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.

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