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You will find the topic in order instructions - Essay Example

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The majority of women who migrant to other countries looking for work do so because they are attracted by the higher pay that is on offer. Because women very rarely…
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You will find the topic in order instructions
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Do women have more to gain or more to lose from migration (for instance, compared to men)? Unlike men, women have more to lose from migration because of the type of work that they are forced into. The majority of women who migrant to other countries looking for work do so because they are attracted by the higher pay that is on offer. Because women very rarely participate in manual labor jobs, they are more suited to service work, whether it is producing clothes in a factory, becoming a housekeeper for a rich family, or working in the sex industry. In almost every type of service work, women can be taken advantage of due to the poorer working conditions. Women are migrating overseas to look for work more and more because of the attractiveness that is on offer. These women are mostly not very highly educated, although the case of Rena demonstrates that it can even happen amongst college educated women to. In their home countries, women are likely to be restricted in what they can do simply due to the local traditions and customs. Many women feel bound to their home country because of the ways that they have been brought up. For these who rebel against cultural expectations, migrating to another country for work purposes is an attractive option because of the freedom that it gives. Generally, the pay is also greater because of the higher standard of living that is available. Aside from this, many women appreciate working in a foreign culture because it allows them to come out of their shell. Looking at it from the other side, there is a huge demand for female labor and this demand drives up the number of immigrants who choose to go to look for work in a foreign country.
As previously stated above, many women find work in the service industry because that is the easiest work that they can perform. Exploitation is huge in these instances because employers can take advantages of their employees, who may not understand the local culture and thus are at the mercy of their superiors. Women who work in jobs like these may be asked to do something that they may not feel too comfortable with. However, because of their situation, they generally have no choice but to go along with what is being asked of them. This means that they are in a disadvantageous position and can be exploited. Depending on whether they are legal or not, they may not want to report something to the police for fear of being kicked out and sent back to their home countries. This may mean a loss of income for the women concerned, not to mention a complete loss of face. Faced with a tough choice, migrant women are more likely to comply with what is asked of them because of the reasons stated above.
It is for these reasons that women have more to lose from migration. However, this typically applies to single women because of their situation. For women who migrant with their husbands or families, they may be more protected by the law and can thus gain something from migration. Read More
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