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Instructional Methods [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Instructional Methods Introduction It is integral to know and understand the students or adults that you are planning to teach or train in order to be a good and effective teacher. One must understand the general principles of how an adult learns…
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Instructional methods
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Instructional Methods of the of the Instructional Methods Introduction It is integral to know and understand the students or adults that you are planning to teach or train in order to be a good and effective teacher. One must understand the general principles of how an adult learns. There are numerous teaching and instructional methods in the field of education. The very first step in this regard is to comprehend the audience, their learning needs, and requirement of learning materials or exercises. It is ideal to conduct a need analysis before planning a instructional lesson. It shall be helpful in assessing the learning gap. In addition, it is also very important to determine the training needs of audience, required skills and knowledge to understand and practice the agenda, and objective of instructional lesson plan. It is advisable to develop learning objectives or smart goals for a lesson plan or trainings session. These objective scold be smart enough to measure. The later stages of planning a instructional lesson plan include determination of available resources, materials, and evaluative instruments (Northwest center for Public health Practice, 2012). The basic propose of this document is to address the feasible instructional methods for the purpose of providing training classes to adults. Explaining This is one of the most common methods of teaching. It is also referred to as lecturing. It is the procedure in which the instructor verbally or in written form explains or speaks in front of students regarding the subject being taught. This method is further advanced by using visual aids in form of videos, presentations and animations that facilitate students in imagining the conduct of problem or issue being taught. This method may fail in developing the interest of student as it lacks the contribution from students. It is usually based on one sided lecturing. It does not take into account the queries and concerns of students. However, it is still considered as one of the simplest ways of teaching. Demonstrating This is the instructional method in which teacher tends to explain the agenda or subject with the help of examples or experimentations. It facilitates students to experience and understand the concept by practicing it in reality. It has a tendency to strengthen the concept of student pertaining to the subject. This method is more frequently used while teaching science related topic. This method also helps in proving a certain fact or phenomenon by using a combination of visual assistance and logical reasoning. This method is similar to the storytelling approach. This method helps students in relating themselves to the subject. It fastens the process of memorization as well. In addition, this approach helps in maintaining the interest of students. This approach is time consuming and requires more research. In addition, this approach also requires availability of various tools and equipment to carry out the desired experimentation (Monroe, 1915). Collaborating This approach involves collaboration and contribution of both students and instructors in understanding the subject. It is a two way communication based approach. This kind of session is comprised of lecturing listening, questioning and receiving feedback. This approach is helpful in establishing a personal connection with students. It is further useful in understanding the audience and their training needs, which is very much essential for successful attainment of teaching objectives. It results into formation of less personally biased response towards subject. The common examples of this instructional method are group discussions and grope projects. These are the learning arrangements in which students are combined in a well organized grope of more than two people. Students learn to understand each other’s point of view and learn from others’ weakness or strengths. It increases self confidence and team work in individual that helps in self studying as well. An instructor can evaluate the collaborative approach via assessing the team work, team project or student’s abilities to cope with conflicts in a team, leadership and decision making skills (Taylor, n.d.). Conclusion The aforementioned methods of instruction are very effective in delivering the idea pr concept to the adult learners. It is necessary to set the learning objectives, materials, and training resources before prosing any of the instructional methods as elaborated in earlier sections of the document. It is also necessary to arrange practicing exercises for students in order to experiment and practice what is learned in real life. It allows students to learn fast and memorize the main crux of subject being learned. Lecturing, demonstrating and collaborating are the three basic forms of instructional methods. Further instructional methods are derived from these basic forms. References Monroe, P., (1915), A Text-Book in the History of Education, Macmillan Northwest center for Public health Practice, (2012). Effective adult learning. Data retrieved from on 2 December 2013. Taylor, G. (n.d.), A Different Kind of Teacher: Solving the Crisis of American Schooling, Berkeley Hills Books. Read More
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Instructional Methods Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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