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Comparing Education in Saudi Arabia and the United States - Essay Example

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This paper "Comparing Education in Saudi Arabia and the United States" focuses on the fact that the United States and Saudi Arabia hold opposing views in terms of their educational systems. Debatably, the former provides improved education to its learners, as opposed to the latter. …
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Comparing Education in Saudi Arabia and the United States
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Extract of sample "Comparing Education in Saudi Arabia and the United States"

 According to Lippman (2012), most elites in Saudi Arabia are the ones who have had the chance to study in western countries, particularly the United States.

Problem statement
Saudi Arabia and the United States are allies. However, while learners in the United States continue to access valuable education and subsequent employment, learners in Saudi Arabia continue to undergo substandard education. Saudi Arabia needs to be at the same level of education as the United States if the two countries are to gain meaningful cooperation.

Aims and objectives

This essay seeks to:
To identify the instructional methods used during learning in the United States.
To determine the effect of having more institutions of higher learning in the promotion of education.
To determine the role of online classes in enhancing learning.
To identify all other aspects of the American system of education that makes it superior to that of Saudi Arabia.

Review of literature
A lot of scholars have written on the current trends in education in Saudi Arabia and what the future holds. Such literature acknowledges that most of the elite in Saudi Arabia have schooled in the United States and provides lessons that Saudi Arabia can learn from the United States (Lippman, 2012).

In order for Saudi Arabia to compete globally with nations such as the United States, the former needs to borrow from the educational system of the latter. It would be very beneficial for Saudi Arabia to emulate the United States in terms of learner-centred instructional methods, more investment in libraries, more emphasis on higher education, and the use of online classes.
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