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Comparison between Four Fundamental Individual's Rights, namely Health Care, Social Care, Privacy, and Education, as Mentioned in the Constitution of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Both the states, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are economically strong enough to spend on the fundamental individual’s rights of its people, to ensure adherence to high individual standards, as envisaged in the United Nations directives…
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Fundamental rights
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Download file to see previous pages The real issue is that of a comparison between the two wealthy Muslim states to find which state has taken a relatively bigger leap forward in these different individual rights’ aspects, and which area of individual rights has lagged behind, out of the four specified areas, i.e., Health Care, Social Care, Privacy, and Education. The state of Kuwait has a legal framework related to principles and provisions of individual rights, as laid down in the constitution on 11 November 1962. Various Articles of the Kuwaiti constitution ensure the fulfillment of individuals’ rights, such as Article 13 directs that education is a qualification for the growth of society and is ensured and encouraged by the State. Article 11 stipulates that the State shall ensure all citizens help in old age, illness and disability, and shall cover each citizen for providing social security assistance, and health care. Article 41 provides each citizen the right to work and the freedom of selecting work. Various other Articles under chapters II and III of the constitution refer to the equal rights of men and women to education, work, social welfare, and other individual rights (United Nations, 2013). Women are treated at par with men in the area of education and work. Women can empower themselves with higher education to qualify for top corporate positions, as held by men and at the same time enter into motherhood. They are provided all maternity benefits like paid leave on delivery, half-pay for maternity leave and other absenting for child look after needs, while holding her position and rank. They can join their spouse on foreign duty. The Kuwaiti society and government is well aware of the significant part played by women in social awakening through education. To prove the point, a woman is holding the top position of a Kuwaiti university, while two women are holding the post of under-secretary at two ministries, Higher Education and Planning (United Nations, 2013). The Kuwaiti constitution, under Article 12 provides the individuals’right to complete healthcare. Article 11 ensures assistance to citizens in old age, illness and inability to work, and offers both social security and health care. The ministry of Health, under Article 15, inspects that all health-related individual rights are guaranteed. There is provision of maternity and child centers all across Kuwait for securing all citizens from disease and epidemics, such as polio campaign that covered all children (United Nations, 2013). In Kuwait, all preventive and clinical health care services are free. Health-related issues, such as mal-nutrition, clean drinking water get high priority. Environment is yet another area given very high importance to reduce harms from industrialization and urbanization on individuals’ health (United Nations, 2013). Sound health awareness literature is distributed among masses to safeguard and alert them of the risks against diseases. A number of government agencies are part of the health awareness campaign other than the health ministry, including the Kuwaiti Medical Association and the Patient Assistance Fund. Of special mention is the setting up of national AIDS committee. It needs to be taken note that UNICEF has ranked Kuwait among the top nations for healthcare of its people (United Nations, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fundamental Rights Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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