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It fosters unity among all states and guarantees justice and fairness to all citizens. Besides, the preamble accords protection and freedom to all citizens and their successive generations (Cmiel 117)…
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Preamble of the United States Constitution
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Preamble of the United s’ Constitution Inserts His/her Inserts Grade Inserts 11, October, 2011
1. Introduction
2. Discussion
3. Conclusion
Preamble of the United States’ Constitution
The preface of the US’ constitution grants citizenship rights to Americans. It fosters unity among all states and guarantees justice and fairness to all citizens. Besides, the preamble accords protection and freedom to all citizens and their successive generations (Cmiel 117). Personally, I subscribe to democratic principles and my rights are envisioned in the US Constitution (Citizenship 1). The preamble talks about two pillars of democracy- liberty and equality. US citizens are guaranteed freedom to express their opinions and elect their leaders through a free and fair democratic process (Loflin 2).
The language used in the preamble of the US’ constitution envisions an American society where citizens are granted the freedom to develop appropriate sets of beliefs that governs the way they relate to each other. It states further that the monarchy does not have divine rights over its subjects. The source of power rests with citizens because they were born with it. The monarchy was established by the citizens for protection purposes. Citizens agreed to obey the monarchy and in return, the latter would protect their innate rights (Loflin 7).
The preface of the US constitution guarantees freedom and posterity to all American citizens (Borgwardt 10). The constitution of United States promotes a democratic system that guarantees pluralism and self-government. With regard to pluralism, citizens have the liberty to develop customs and beliefs that will govern their lives. With respect to self-rule, citizens are granted the freedom to partake in the development of polity in which they reside and in its ensuing governance (Loflin 3). As note above, the language of the preamble promotes the general wellbeing of US citizens. It also states that citizens have rights to elect a government that will protect their interests. Consequently, the working class citizens can use the democratic process to elect leaders that will promote their welfare (Borgwardt 10).

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