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What is the importance of the United States Constitution - Essay Example

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It is a guarantee of rights which can only be amended but not changed to citizens in a country. The rights in the constitution are the supreme law of the country. Therefore, this paper discusses the…
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What is the importance of the United States Constitution
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"What is the importance of the United States Constitution"

Download file to see previous pages The constitution defines the country’s law framework and also to maintain law and order of the United States. It addresses the importance of different states integration in a uniform platform of legal paradigms. This constitution establishes the legal authority foundation in respect to the governance of the United States, citizens’ individual contributions and also the federal government’s framework.
The United States constitution offers organizational framework to the government which clearly defines the Supreme Court as the government’s head of the judicial branch. The draft defines the president as the government’s executive department’s head and also defines the bicameral congress governance as the government branch in the legislator
Conclusively, the key function of the United States constitution is to offer a directional sense to the three organizational branches of the United States government. It defines the combined and individual strengths and powers of each. It also reserves each state’s rights. The constitution outlines the purpose of the duties and civil liberties, government accountability and the jury trials. The preambles outline the functions of the union, the purpose for the common defense line and ensure American community’s general welfare among ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The United States Constitution
...?The United s Constitution The United s Constitution is the foundation stone of freedom in America which unites the government to the philosophical ideals made clear in The Declaration of Independence (Natelson, 2009). The United States is considered as one of the most successful leader of human freedom and prosperity around the world (Natelson, 2009). The constitution is composed of a preamble, the main body, and amendments (, The Constitution of the United States). This very important body of laws sets up the...
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...of the federal government and the states, citizens and any other group of people within the United States of America. It was embraced on September 17, 1781 following the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and endorsed by the conventions established in each of the US state for the good of the people. The US constitution is the oldest written constitution that is still in use in any nation of the world. It has been amended twenty-seven times2. Basically the Illinois State government is modeled after the federal government and the constitution of the...
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United States Constitution like. In addressing these questions about the implications of understanding humanness, it is wise to keep in mind the end results of whichever study about Human Nature. This will be necessarily be limited by the focus of the investigation and the techniques used. ( Jeeves, 1). It is good to understand what American development is before we go deep into the subject. American Political development is the study of American political growth from a historical viewpoint. And on the the hand when we talk about institution it all paints the picture of customs, practices, or organization, frequently rooted in the rules and law that defines and structures political and social activities. United States of...
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The Constitution of the United States Essay
...The Constitution of the United s No document has given more hope to more people, more opportunity to people in need, and a greater sense of fairness, equality, and justice than the United States Constitution. The strength of the document is shown by its timelessness and its ability to withstand great social upheaval while remaining intact and nearly unchanged. While the framers left the door open to amendments and the inevitable need for change, they did it in a fashion that requires deliberation and careful thought. The words of the Constitution rest firmly on a foundation of principles and values. These principles were an extension of right and wrong and the inalienable rights that had been the underpinning of European documents... for...
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...Lourdes Martin GPL 311.6 YM Lacy Shaw Final Examination The Supreme Court and the Constitution 1 United States Supreme Court The Marshall Court McCloskey points out that the government as well as society was at first adamantly opposed to the Supreme Court. He points out that Americans had a predisposition on how the Supreme Court would function; "their most persistent argument was that the Supreme Court was an institution guided by positions on issues and political ideologies other than clear-cut mandates of...
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United States Constitution
...Differences The United s Constitution was written by white males for the exclusive domain of white males and the exclusive protection of "their rights". It was not until 1865 that the United States constitution begin take on any form of diversity. This document maintained its pale existence for more than eighty nine years before white men were finally compelled to become inclusive. Prior to this the inclusion of Africans and women were non-existent. Even though the United States Constitution had taken on some color, it remained for an additional sixty three years to be a...
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Comparison between the Indiana Constitution and the United States Constitution
...Comparison between the Indiana Constitution and the United s Constitution The Indiana constitution was ratified on 10th June 1816 and the UnitedStates constitution was ratified on 17th September 1787. The preamble has striking similarities; both constitutions have the statement that begins with “We, the People of the State of …” Another similarity is that they both aim at establishing justice. There are some differences in the preamble, the Indiana Constitution begins with the words “TO THE END …” and the United States Constitution begins with the words...
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What is the importance of the United States Constitution
...What is the importance of the United s Constitution? What is the importance of the United s Constitution? The constitutionof the United States is one of the most significant documents of our country. The constitution was written and enacted many years ago and since then there have been certain changes brought about in it with the consensus and demands of the people. The constitution comprises of the laws and the policies that are to be followed in the United States and following of the constitution is a compulsion for every citizen of the country. The constitution of the United States formulates the laws and regulations that are to be followed in the governing bodies of the country. Every American to follow what is states... provided by the...
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The united States Constitution
...1865, the amendment was adopted the same year on 6th December (GPO-CONAN 1793-4). Section 1 of the 13th amendment explicitly maintains the abolishment of slavery and involuntary servitude from all parts of the country, as well as the territories outside the USA under American jurisdiction, in these words: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction” (GPO-CONAN 1796). In Civil Rights Cases, 109 U.S. 3, 20 (1883), the Supreme Court held that the amendment under-examination concentrates upon the eradication of slavery and involuntary servitude...
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The united States Constitution
...and means of electing members of the congress. This way, it is able to safeguard the integrity of the process. Its only limitation is the inability to provide different qualifications to an elector, other than the one offered by the states. The court has played a major role in interpreting these laws. It has gone a mile to uphold a variety of state laws adopted to ensure that all elections are orderly, free and of great honesty. Conclusion Constitutional annotations offer a great opportunity for easier understanding of the constitution. This is especially because of its intensive nature. Constitutional annotations provide explanations to the often short...
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