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The preambles are introductory words of the United States Constitution. The paper "The Issues In The Preamble To The Constitution Of 1787" analyzes How did the events of the first three decades of the American Republic reflect the issues enumerated in the Preamble to the Constitution of 1787…
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The Issues In The Preamble To The Constitution Of 1787
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How did the events of the first three decades of the American Republic reflect the issues enumerated in the Preamble to the Constitution of 1787? Name:
How did the events of the first three decades of the American Republic reflect the issues enumerated in the Preamble to the Constitution of 1787?
The preambles are introductory words of the United States constitution. It summarizes the nature of the laws of America precisely. The United States of America constitution was developed after a revolutionary struggle that was initiated by the founding father of the nation. The supreme court of America was later to be given the responsibility defending and interpreting the constitution. The court brought many changes in the American judiciary system. Since the inception of the court, many landmark rulings have been made which have contributed positively to the lives of people. The gains of the constitution can be witnessed in such rulings where the scales of justice have to move to either side (Urofsky& Finkelman, 2011).
The events of the first three decades of American history were influenced by the differences that existed between the British colonizers and the American people. The struggle witnessed while the historical time brought change on how the British colony treated the American people. The founding father of the nation devised methods to liberalize the American people. The colonial government insisted on using their laws to govern the people whereas the people felt that there was need to bring end colonialism (Urofsky&Finkelman, 2011).
In May 25, 1787, an occasion was organized in the Pennsylvania State House. Robert Morris participated in the meeting that was seeking to bring change in America. The delegates who had met started a constitutional making process and in August 6,187 a copy of the constitution had been made. George Mason agitated for constitutional amendments so that it could address the plight of Americans. In 1788, many states had accepted the constitution amid the tension that existed during the time. Discussions pertaining how business was carried out in the US was a major issue that that was to be addressed because it was attributed to slavery.
Proponents of slavery proposed the imposition of taxation of slavery. The country slave trade had become rampant, and Mason questioned issues relating to slavery.
Britain had instilled fear into the people and used the method of dividing people to govern the country. The colonial masters wanted Americans to retain their laws an idea that was opposed by the founding father of the nation. They fought for a constitution that was to bring checks and balances in the American society. The constitution was to bring accountability. The constitution also controlled the way parliament operated. It also ensured that the rules of the country were not violated by parliament, as the laws of the country were more superior to those of a single institution (Hoffer, 2012).
The main issue of concern was formation of the government. The constitution was found to be the appropriate document that could help in the process. The new constitution allowed the Americans to form an independent government that was to be governed by Americans themselves. The Constitution provided the government powers to lead the country without any internal or external interference. The constitution also created other three arms of government that were to limit power exercised by the government. Three arms of government that were formed include the judiciary, legislature, and the executive. The constitution also divided the powers of the federal government with those of the state government. Every government retains its unique powers to prevent power wrangles between the two forms of government (Hoffer, 2012).
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Hoffer P, (2012).For Our Prosperity and ourselves: The preamble to the federal Constitution of American History. Oxford University Press.
Urofsky M &Finkelman, (2011).A March of Liberty the founding to 1990.Oxford University Press. Read More
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