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Discuss the significance of the election of 1800 - Essay Example

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It gives the people a capacity and freedom to decide how they want to shape their society through their elected leaders. They select the most capable people to lead to prosperity and progress.
In early America, elections are…
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Discuss the significance of the election of 1800
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Extract of sample "Discuss the significance of the election of 1800"

Significance of Election Elections are vital to a sustainable democracy. It gives the people a capa and freedom to decide how they want to shape their society through their elected leaders. They select the most capable people to lead to prosperity and progress.
In early America, elections are exercised not by people but the legislative sectors of the government (Remini 65). The elected leaders of the Congress are the ones who decide amongst themselves who will be the next president of the country. This provides an implication that majority of the people are not capable of deciding who will be leaders of their country. Instead, their chosen representatives speak for them which undermine people’s involvement in political affairs.
One thing about this presidential election between Adams and Jefferson highlights strong competition for power (Remini 70). The parties constantly fight and argue over who will be president. In this case, the party system during this election has a very strong capacity in determining who will the state. A new system of election was made since the previous implemented system back was then was unjust and unfair and was abolished under such grounds (Remini 70).
This incident highlights the complexity and problems that have risen in presidential politics back then. The political leaders are vying for power through means that are not really efficient which led to complex changes in their political system.
Remini, Robert. A Short History of the United States. USA: HarperCollins., 2008. PDF Read More
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