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Variations of Photoelectric Current with Intensity of Light - Essay Example

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This study "Variations of Photoelectric Current with Intensity of Light" discusses that the photoelectric effect is dependent upon various factors including frequency of light, the intensity of light, nature of the material, energy of light and potential difference…
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Variations of Photoelectric Current with Intensity of Light
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Extract of sample "Variations of Photoelectric Current with Intensity of Light"

Download file to see previous pages To determine the impact of changing light intensity on photoelectric effect while keeping the other factors constant, an experiment was performed. The impact was seen by changing the distance of light source from the photocell and the recording the readings on Microammeter. The correlation and graphical analysis were done to draw the results. The correlation analysis showed a significant positive relationship between the photoelectric current and the intensity of light. The graphical analysis also highlighted a positive linear relationship. Therefore, it was concluded that intensity of light directly affects the variations in photoelectric current. The phenomenon of photoelectric effect was discovered by a German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz in 1887. There are some factors which impact the process of photoelectric effect including frequency, energy, and intensity of light. The variations in photoelectric current which is produced as a result of the photoelectric effect are caused by the intensity of light. Various studies have been conducted to explain the relationship between variations of photoelectric current and the intensity of light. The photoelectric current variations can be explained through Maxwell’s equations. According to Maxwell’s equations, the magnitude of electric field increases as the intensity of light increases because the magnitude of electric field vector of a light wave is directly proportional to square root of the intensity of light. The force of electron is positively related to the electric field vector which means that with the increase in the intensity of incident light, the kinetic energy of photoelectron should be increased (Javier 2008). The Classical wave theory predicts that the phenomenon of electric effect is caused when the light of a certain intensity and any frequency incidents on the surface of matter and it is intense enough to eject the photoelectrons. Although classical theory supports the relationship between variations in photoelectric current and intensity of light, however, it is challengeable because in actual practice after a specific frequency photoelectric effect is not caused (or in other words photoelectric current is not produced) regardless of the intensity of light (Subhrajyoti). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Variations of Photoelectric Current With Intensity of Light Essay)
Variations of Photoelectric Current With Intensity of Light Essay.
“Variations of Photoelectric Current With Intensity of Light Essay”, n.d.
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